Nominated for Liebster Award

Hurray.. I am so excited to announce that I haven been nominated for Liebster Award by XOBeauty&Fashion and I am so thankful to her for nominating me.

I sincerely appreciate & thank all my readers for the love you guys show through your comments.

 Now for the rules of Liebster Award :

  1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog
  2. Link back the blogger who awarded you 
  3. Answer the questions the tagger has asked 
  4. Create a new list of questions for your own nominees
  5. Nominate 5 blogs with less than 200 followers to receive the award
  6. Inform them of their nomination by leaving the a comment on there blog

Answers to questions posted by XOBeauty&Fashion :

1. Which makeup product can you not live without?

A black khol/kajal

2. What is your fashion statement?

A silk saree being a South Indian.

3. Heel, Boots or Sandals?

Sandals because I really cannot walk a long distance with heels or boots.

4. Name your 3 favourite beauty products?

MAC eyeshadow Expensive Pink, Lakme Absolute Khol pencil, Maybelline Falsies Mascara

5. Whats your favourite nail polish colour for spring/summer?

Mint :)

6. Skirt or Short?

I am comfortable in skirts..

7. Name your 3 favourite beauty brands?

Inglot, Revlon & MAC

8. Fashion or beauty?

Beauty of course :) thats what my blog is all about.. Am not much of a fashion freak. Not very experimental :(

9. Whats the reason behind you started to blog?

When I was going to get married, I was researching on bridal hairstyles & makeup stuff when I stumbled upon other blogs. I was so much interested in reading them, finally one day thought why don't I write one sharing my experience and thoughts.. Thats how crazyforcosmetics was born.

10. If you had to choose between foundation and mascara which one would you choose?

Foundation, because I have curly thick lashes by I can skip mascara :)

My set of questions for other my nominees are :

1 : Quick story behind your blog

2 : Favorite fashion icon

3 : You are being transported to another planet & you can carry only one makeup product with you, what would it be?

4 : One brief makeup tip.

5 :  One makeup product you would like to gift your friend.

6 : Your everyday beauty routine

7 : First thing in the morning, coffee ? or your emails?

8 : One stay healthy tip

9 : Dream Travel destination

10 : Your favorite blogger

My Nominees are :

1 :

2 :

3 :

4 :

5 :

All the best girls ...

Brides of the World inspired Eyemakeup Series - Part 1- Arabic Bridal Eye makeup look

The title looks so complicated, but the concept isn't.. Its very simple.. Yes.. it was a lazy Sunday afternoon when this idea suddenly struck me. I actually wanted to do only Brides of India like Malabar Gold & Diamonds ad & started with a Tamil bride look at first. I don't know what really went wrong in the middle, it turned out to be an Arabic kinda look, then I decided to change the concept as Brides of the World and do some modifications to the look to make it an Arabic Eye makeup.

Let us look at this inspiration picture & see how to create this :

Arabic makeup - Arabic eye shadow tutorial
Arabic Bridal Eyemakeup 
 My Final Look :

golden black eyeshadow tutorial, golden eyeshadow tutorial
The finished look

Introducing New Section in the Blog - My handmade jewelry - For Sale

I am extremely thrilled to start a new section in my blog - Jewelry. I make necklaces & earrings from beads in my free time and I thought why not try posting it on my blog. So here is my first one....

A combination of coral beads(of course not original), Tibetan beads and pendant priced at Rs 1100 including courier charges.

Coral and Tibetan Beads Jewelry
Coral, Tibetan Bead Jewelry

Indian Bead Jewlery

Beads Jewelry for Sale
Close up of the Tibetan Pendant
Price of this set including Courier Charges : INR 1100

How to buy ?

  1. This sale is only within India.
  2. People interested to buy this can leave a comment below and block it.It will be on a first come first serve basis.
  3. I will reserve it and get back to you with my bank account details, so that you can transfer the money within 3 days.
  4. Once the payment is received, I shall courier it to you & send the details through mail. 
  5. If that person drops out, I shall contact the second person who has left a comment.

Hope the steps are simple.. 

Trip to Singapore - Day 1 (Shopping at Bugis Market & Visiting the Marina Bay Sands )

Singapore Travel Blog

Singapore or Singapura (the “ Lion City “ ) over the last 40 years has transformed itself from a sleepy little island to one among the world’s best countries. Be it the amazing infrastructure, excellent public transport, its status as a financial hub or its party scene Singapore has something for everyone. We were fortunate to visit Singapore during Jan 2013 during the Pongal Holidays in Chennai and we spent 5 wonderful days in this bustling little country so full of life.

Arrival in Singapore :  

We had booked the late night Air India flight from Chennai to Singapore which would arrive in Singapore early Saturday morning, thus giving us full 5 days. First impressions as soon as we arrived in Changi Airport were WoW!!!  We have been to quite a few airports around the world but Changi Airport is easily the best. From its large number of duty free shops selling everything that you can think of at reasonable prices to its varied entertainment opportunities to keep you occupied, Changi is where you can easily spend a few hours without getting bored.. We had a quick breakfast at Adyar Ananda Bhavan ( a famous South Indian veg restaurant chain similar to Saravana Bhavan ) and headed off to our hotel in a taxi as we were carrying a lot of luggage.

Changi International Airport Singapore
Changi Airport, Singapore

Photo Courtesy : Internet

Tip : Though we took the taxi , it is advisable that you take the Airport Express line from the Changi Aiport which is probably the best and fastest way to reach your destination.

Valentine's Day Gift from Hubby- MAC & Inglot Haul

What is so special about Valentine's Day & all this sudden hype around it in the last few years... !!!! Well I feel the love & affection towards your family & friends should be the same all days..But due to other activities like work or whatever it maybe , we might not specifically spend quality time with loved ones.One might argue that is it really necessary to express the love, is it not understood? I work for them/slog for them only.. But I would argue that, are you going to lose anything by expressing your love? No, in fact you will see them more happy.. 

So Valentine's Day is for us to take some time off from other activities & spend some quality time with your loved ones and a gift is just a way of expressing your love.. Am super duper excited to write this post because this is my first MAC & Inglot Haul.

Let me head straight into the haul..

Inglot eyeshadows-inglot eyeshadow refill pan-inglot freedom system palette
Inglot Freedom system Palette

MAC expensive pink-MAC amber lights-MAC 217 blending brush-MAC studio fix foundation NC40-MAC prep+prime
MAC Haul Collection

MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches & EOTD for Valentine's Day

Well girls, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I am sure all of you will be hunting for a good dress to wear & pair it up with good makeup too.Here comes our savior- MUA Poptastic Palette with 12 bright, popping colors to accentuate your eyes & give a glam look.So I am going to review MUA poptastic Palette & give a small EOTD so that people can recreate it on Valentine's Day..

MUA Poptastic- MUA Poptastic Palette- MUA poptastic palette review
MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette

First Impression of the MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow palette :

MUA palettes are sleek, light-weight but nonetheless sturdy too. In fact I dropped it when I took it to write this review, but no visible damage has been caused. It comes in a black plastic casing with a transparent top cover to have enough glimpses of the bright colors. It is even smaller than my new Samsung galaxy Note 3 mobile. The colors are bright, popping colors with no matte shades & predominantly more blue shades.The finish ranges from pearl to shimmer and is ideal for evening/party/summer wear.

MUA Poptastic Palette Review
MUA Poptastic Review

My Statement Necklace Collection

Wondering where the term statement necklace originated from,but it has for sure captured the minds of several young ladies out there.Your attire or outfit is never complete without appropriate accessories.The accessories should complement the outfit & not be a bling bling show. If the colors of the outfit is bright, we have to go for neutral colored accessories and remember to always concentrate on one thing; if earrings are too heavy, go for a subtle necklace or rather avoid one but never wear heavy ones together. If the necklace is going to be a statement necklace, avoid flashy big earrings & divert the attention to one of the accessories.

So why all this sudden advice regarding outfit/style etc.. I know you people would have guessed it.. Yes this is a post to show off all the statement necklaces I own.So lets get started.

Aldo Accessories India - Aldo Accessories - Starfish Necklace
Star Fish Necklace- Aldo Accessories, Dubai Mall

Kurumba Maldives Honeymoon - Day 5,Day 6 and Bidding Farewell to Kurumba Maldives

Since it was our honeymoon my hubby wanted to make it extra special and he had booked a luxurious pool villa for our stay for the last 2 days. After a quick breakfast and some snorkeling our bags were all packed and we were ready to move to our Pool Villa.

Checking into Kurumba Maldives Pool Villa – No 278

We were lucky to check into our Pool villa at 12 Noon as earlier residents had checked out early. Hubby and me had seen a lot of photos of the room in the Kurumba website but we still were not prepared for the difference in class and luxury as we first walked in and this is by far the most luxurious room (and the largest room) that we have stayed in.   It really was an experience to stay in a room which was bigger than the apartments back home with its own swimming pool and beautiful furnishing. It was as if we had stepped back in time and had entered a beautiful palace which was going to be ours for 2 days.

Kurumba Maldives Pool Villa
Kurumba Maldives- Pool Villa

ELF Stipple Brush Review, Technique to create airbrushed foundation effect

There is a sudden hype around brushes used for applying makeup. I have seen my mom,aunt apply foundation using hands and then came sponge for liquid foundation. When there is so much of innovation going on for types of foundations, why not for the method of application. 

What is the need for a foundation brush?

Foundation brushes are made of synthetic fibres & help in transferring all the foundation on the face & doesn't absorb the foundation like our hands or a sponge. There will be wastage of product when we use our hands or a sponge for blending. Hmmm that's interesting !!!! The fibers tend to uniformly distribute the product on uneven surface & it can reach the nook & corners in our face. 

Types of foundation brushes :

1 : Flat Foundation Brush: This type of brush can work wonders for liquid & cream products to give maximum coverage.The strokes have to be in the direction of facial hair growth & not against it, so from top to bottom.

Foundation Brush Review-Vega Flat Foundation Brush Review
Flat Foundation Brush

Kryolan Professional Art Eyeshadow Brush No 3511 Review & Photos

Kryolan Professional Art  Eyeshadow Brush No 3511 

I love the fact that I own eyeshadows even if I am not bold enough to wear them on a daily basis but wear them only on special occasions. But I felt MAC shadows were pretty expensive & since I do not use eyeshadows on a regular basis didn’t really wanna spend on them & hence chose brands like Revlon , Maybelline.

Way back in 2011-2012 I always had the feeling,  after seeing Youtube videos,  that there is something wrong with my shadows or my lids as the colors never used to pop up like the Youtube gurus. But later I have come to realize  that the problem lies in the brushes that we use & not on the eyeshadows. Yes,Kryolan Professional Art brush no 3511 is one of my recent discoveries & I am really happy that I bought it.I started loving all my old eyeshadows now since I use this brush to apply them & the colors pop..

Kryolan Cosmetics, Kryolan brushes, kryolan brush review, kryolan brushes India
Kryolan Professional Art Brush No 3511- Eyeshadow brush

 Kryolan Eyeshadow Brush 3511 packaging :

The brush comes with a grey plastic handle & synthetic fibre bristles which actually feel like natural fibre. The text Kryolan Professional Art brush No 3511 is printed on the handle. The brush is very light-weight,comfortable to work with and is definitely sturdy.The bristles are densely packed & help in picking up colors to a great extent.

kryolan makeup, kryolan cosmetics, kryolan brush review, kryolan professional eyeshadow brush review blog
Kryolan Professional Eyeshadow Brush No 3511 - Compact, Sturdy & Light Weight

 My experience with Kryolan Professional Art Brush No 3511 :

I picked up this brush to mainly use it for the crease area or for applying eyeshadow to a smaller portion because of the rounded tip, but now I feel it can be used even as a shader brush. It is made of synthetic fiber & hence picks up colors to a great extent,does not retain the colors & helps in transferring the colors completely to the lids.

It is such a versatile brush & I mostly use it for the applying eyeshadow to the outer lid area & crease area. The bristles are extremely soft & feel like natural fibers.

kryolan products, kryolan products in chennai,kryolan products online india, kryolan professional brush review, kryolan eueshadow brush, kryolan eyeshadow brush review
Kryolan Eyeshadow Brush - Dense bristles
The brush is priced at Rs 135 (I regret for not buying atleast 2) & can be easily cleaned. There is no shedding even after washing the brush 5 to 6 times.

Usage technique :

1 : Slightly press the tip of the brush on the color of your choice & use it in the outer V area or crease area. Use dabbing motions for maximum color pay off & windshield wiping motion for blending purpose.

kryolan professional makeup, kryolan brush, kryolan brush review, kryolan brushes chennai
Kryolan Eyeshadow Brush- Review

Where to buy ?

Kryolan has exclusive showrooms in certain malls.In Chennai, Kryolan has a showroom in Ramee Mall, Chennai.Kryolan products are also sold by some wholesale dealers like Angels in Egmore.

Price : Rs 135

kryolan professional art brushes, kryolan makeup, kryolan chennai, kryolan brush review
Kryolan Professional Eyeshadow Brush No 3511- Review, Application

Pros of Kryolan Professional Art Brush No 3511:

1 : Very densely packed for maximum color transfer

2 : Very affordable

3 : Versatile uses

4 : Sturdy handle & bristles, no fall out.

The only con I can think of is availability. If only Kryolan sold its products in other malls & counters in Lifestyle & Shopper's Stop, it would be good.

kryolan brush review, kryolan art brush no 3511 review
Size Comparison with a stippling brush

Coming up next : 

ELF Stipple Brush review

Maldives Honeymoon Day 5 & 6 

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