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How many times have you simply stood in front of your wardrobe & wondered what to wear in spite of having your wardrobe full of clothes? It is because we are not sometimes organized or prepared for the upcoming days. I have here in this video, some tips that could help you solve such issues and also save some money by not buying things unnecessarily.

We sometimes do not keep a check on what we have purchased earlier and buy some things which might be similar to what you have already. You can save some good money by investing in staple clothes and also regularly checking all the dresses in your wardrobe and use them in proper ways.Do show some love by subscribing to my channel and liking the videos.

So now enough of talking and let us get straight there to the video:

Ponds White Beauty Cleansing Milk Review

Makeup removal is an arduous task, but definitely not something that you can give a miss if you are aiming for flawless skin. There are nights when I have literally started sleeping & then realized that I have not taken off my makeup and not prepared for a breakout the next morning. I have talked lots about makeup removal in so many posts and you would know it if you had been following my blog regularly.

Makeup removers, Cleansing waters, cleansing milk - all 3 of them basically do the same work, but to different extents. I have got to try all 3 of them & hands down, I would recommend cleansing Water like Bioderma,  but it can cause a hole in your pockets. There has to be some affordable alternative for them, right? So I got to try the Ponds White Beauty Cleansing Milk and so far, I have been really liking it and I have my review here.

If you are looking for a low cost, decent working face cleansing milk, go ahead & read the review:

Ponds White Beauty Cleansing Milk
Ponds White Beauty Cleansing Milk

Freeman Kiwi & Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser Review

I have always wanted to try Freeman's products after I tried one of their Avocado face mask in 2013 and after that, I got access to their whole set of products after shifting here and did try a few of them.I had purchased several masks and the Kiwi facial cleanser and today I am going to review the cleanser.

Freeman products usually have a strong chemical smell which I am not a big fan of but this cleanser does not have that strong chemical smell which makes me like it more.I love their product packaging which is usually very colorful and attractive to the eyes.

Freeman Kiwi & Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser
Freeman Kiwi & Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser

NYX XXL Lush Lashes Mascara Review

One of the first makeup product that I fell in love with was a Mascara, followed by lipsticks. It can add so much glamor to your face and won't cost a bomb but it sometimes underrated too. Mascaras can brighten up your face instantly and can definitely pop your eyes out.

A mascara needs to be updated every 6 months in your vanity because there are high chances of developing an eye infection due to the accumulation of bacteria on the bristles.This is something I adhere to without fail because I cannot take chances when it comes to my eyes. So when my 6 months stint with Faces Mascara was over, I tried my hands on NYX XXL Mascara for which I have mixed opinions so far and let us move on to the review.

NYX XXL Lush Lashes Mascara
NYX XXL Lush Lashes Mascara

Huge Jewelry Haul from Lovisa Singapore - Video Alert

I have revealed so many times on the blog that I am an accessories junkie and here I have a Video for you all to show my latest haul from the brand Lovisa, here in Singapore. You might have read my Wedding Anniversary gift post here where I featured another haul from Lovisa.

I have fallen in love with the brand because of their great quality and their affordable rates during the sale.This is not a sponsored post but due to the love for the brand, I have done a Youtube video. They have great statement pieces which will surely make heads turn and it will not burn a hole in your pocket too if you are a bit careful and buy during their sale season.

I have featured some of the jewelry in previous posts which you can read here & here.

Lets get straight to the Video now:

Kama Ayurveda Pure Distilled Rose Water Review

What are some of the beauty products that will never go out of trend? You might have heard your grandmother rave about it, seen your mother use it and you too are buying the same but in a more stylish packaging. Turmeric, a black kajal, rose water & so many other products are such ever trending products. Today's article is going to be about Rose Water, which has been prevalent for years and has helped many a woman achieve great skin.

Rose water has multiple benefits and some of them are to freshen up your skin, to tone your skin & prevent wrinkles, to moisturize your skin, and also as an after shave lotion for men to soothe the skin.Today, I have Kama Ayurveda's Pure Distilled Rose Water for review.

Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose water review
Kama Ayurveda Pure Rosewater review

Soap & Glory Scrub 'em and Leave 'em Body Buff Mini Review

Soap & Glory products were on my wishlist for a long time because I simply loved their packaging. If you had read my Sephora Haul posts here, you would have known that I got a Soap & Glory Body Buff and I have been trying it out since that day. What are all these fancy terms - Body Buff, Body Scrub, Body polish ? and how do they they differ from each ? I have always wondered why there were new terms coined for the same action performed by the product, by every other brand. Basically all these products do the same work of clearing your skin of its dead cells and giving a new look to your skin, but have some extra ingredients that gives a sheen in case of a body polish & so on.

My grandmother used to use coconut coir to remove the dead cells and she had amazing skin till her 70's. I understood the importance of exfoliation & started trying out different products ranging from homemade coffee scrub to the current Soap & Glory Body buff. Now lets find out if the Soap & Glory Body Buff is really good or is it all just hype.

Soap & Glory Scrub 'em and Leave 'em Body Buff Mini
Soap & Glory Scrub 'em and Leave 'em Body Buff Mini

Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial with Bright Pink Blush & Lipstick - Video Alert - Valentine's Day Special

Bold Eye Makeup is so not me - I usually prefer just Khol rimmed eyes & a bright lipstick. I wanted to experiment a little with my eye makeup and hence I attempted this bold black smokey eye with bright pink lipstick. This Valentine's Day is quite special for me, because my husband & I complete 10 years of knowing each other. It was later that we fell in love but 10 years since we started talking to each other and became friends. 

We might head out for lunch or a dinner date and watch a movie to celebrate the day. We have planned some gifts for each other too and will surely do a post after Valentine's Day. I embrace our relationship every single day and not just on Valentine's day but since we complete our 10 years this time, we thought it should be special. 

Black Smokey eyes with Bold Pink Lips Tutorial :

MAC Strobe Cream Dupe ? Kryolan Shimmering Event Foundation in Shade Pearl Review & Pictures

How many of you like sporting a dewy makeup look as opposed to a matte finish foundation look ? I was a big fan of Matte makeup until I realized my pictures were looking washed out and flat. I wanted something to add a bit of glow without giving a very oily look to my face.So while wondering what best can help me achieve that mild glow to my face, it struck me that a strobe cream is something that can do the trick.

I did not want to invest in MAC , since it was not in my budget and wanted to try something different. I feel Kryolan has some of the best products to ensure that you look good in snaps & hence I thought the best option is to try something from Kryolan. 

Finally I got to try Kryolan Shimmering Event Foundation in the shade Pearl which acts as a great highlighter. I do not know why Kryolan refers it as a foundation, though it has be to dotted on your skin once you finish applying the foundation, just to highlight the high points of the face to add more definition.

Kryolan Shimmering Event Foundation in Pearl Review
Kryolan Shimmering Event Foundation in Pearl 

St.Ives Even and Bright Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub Review

Though I usually use scrubs from Himalayas and other brands like Jovees , St.Ives will always be special for me as it was the first ever scrub that I have used in my life. One of my relatives had got St Ives apricot scrub from from Dubai I guess and I was so excited to try it out. 

Mustafa Trading in Singapore has almost any brand that you can think of & I happened to spot the St.Ives brand yet again and I was lured by their another variant - Even & Bright Pink Mandarin Orange Scrub. My husband and I have been using this for a while now and it has been working fine with our different skin types - oily & dry respectively.

st ives pink lemon and mandarin scrub reviews
St.Ives Bright Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub

Essence Gel Nail Polish - Value for Money

I have tried Essence cosmetics earlier and I liked their quality quite a lot and they are very affordable too. So while I was just roaming inside Watsons, I stumbled upon Essence Gel Nail paints & they were sold at very affordable prices. I do not believe in buying expensive nail paints , because I feel most of them work the same way irrespective of the cost.

I brought home these 3 lovely ladies & presenting you - Essence Gel Nail Paints in the shades Lucky, Sweet as a Candy, Girl's Best Friend.Their color range was not something amazing I saw, but they had all the basic shades and I wish they introduce more.

Essence Gel Nail Paints Review
Essence Gel Nail Paints Review

I was drawn towards OPI nail paints, because they had this huge rack with all possible shades but the cost kept me away from them.

Forest Essentials Soundarya Facial Ubtan Review & Recommendations

I have used so many homemade skincare products since childhood because my grandmother used to grind them at home & encourage me to use them regularly. Although I have ardently followed all her advice, teenage took a toll on my skin and left behind lot of acne scars & pores. However over the years, I have somehow got rid of most of the scars with an holistic skincare regime that consists of not just external skincare products but a good amount of fruits & water consumption. 

I was always intrigued by the brand Forest Essentials, because I felt they gave a different perspective to Ayurvedic Beauty products that has been prevalent in India over so many years. Be it their fragrant stores across India, or their product packaging, there was something that kept drawing me to try their products .In fact I loved their tagline too , which reads, Luxurious Ayurveda and I got to try one of their signature products - Ubtan. The SA at the store suggested the Soundarya Ubtan, because I wanted a product that would give a bit of glow to my skin. 

I picked up the Forest Essentials Soundarya Face Ubtan when I had been to Chennai few months back, and got to try it only since last month. 

Forest Essentials Soundarya Face Ubtan Review
Forest Essentials Soundarya Face Ubtan 

Weight loss Meals - Vegetarian - Day 1

If you have already gone through my New year Resolutions, the first thing that I want to do is lose weight. I will be giving a realistic , achievable plan which has almost all nutrients required for us in a day. This is also what I eat in my life, on a normal day and so it has some South Indian food items which can be replaced with food of your choice.

I had also promised that I will be coming up with Diet plans , so here is the Day 1 Meal plan:

Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Vegetarian Edition

1 : At 7 am, have a glass of water with Amla juice. This helps in controlling hair fall & clears out skin blemishes.

2 : Drink about 2 glasses of water slowly in the course of 1 hour.

3 : At 8 am, have 40 gms of granola with nuts and about 70 ml of skimmed milk and top it up with a fruit of your choice. I chose pomegranate seeds. You can also have some Almonds and some flax-seed powder to this for your dose of good fats & omega 3.

Healthy breakfast ideas vegetarian
Healthy Vegetarian breakfast ideas 

My Sephora Singapore 2016 Haul - NYX & Soap & Glory products

When your motivation level drops down :
Just go grab a chocolate & you will feel a lot better - says my mind ,
Just go grab a bag & go out for shopping says my heart. 
Finally I succumb to my heart's desire and give myself some retail therapy which definitely keeps me going.

On such a day, I stepped out with a list & a budget in mind, to Sephora and ensured I stuck to the budget & at the same time got all my makeup cravings satiated.

How does retail therapy help you stay motivated ?

More products to test would in turn mean more products to write about & thereby, I don't have to sit & break my head as to what to write about. Isn't this better than emotional eating & gaining a few pounds ?
"A Picture Paints a Thousand Words"
Goes this famous old English song which I completely agree to , because when the picture does the talking, there is no need for the words.

Sephora Singapore haul NYX & Soap & Glory
Sephora Singapore Haul - NYX & Soap & Glory

Gel liner for SGD 2 ???

My first makeup craze started with eyeliners & I used to buy Maybelline & Lakme colored liners and try them. I used to be so fascinated by them and cherish them so much that when Maybelline first introduced their gel liner, I went crazy & bought it the same day it was released. I used to love how jet black it used to turn out. The only con of a gel liner was that it dries up really fast & it is tough to work with it in that stage. The brush too needs to be cleaned after every single use , in order to be able to work with it the next time , else the liner would dry up on the bristles too.

I kind of gave up on Gel liners and did not invest after that , until Maybelline revamped the packaging of their gel liners & claimed 36 hours stay time. I was tempted to try it out & had read enough reviews to convince myself to get it.  I finally gave in and bought it and again had a great love affair with it, until I had no time to use a gel liner & now it sits there like a rock , not budging even a little bit.

I have time to only use a liquid liner & I prefer it for a thin application. I had gone to this store called Daiso in SG recently for some home needs , when I stumbled upon their Cosmetics section(it was not a planned one- trust me). They do not have a huge cosmetics section,  but they have all the basic products and you know what ? Daiso retails all its products for 2 SGD.

My Rimmel London liquid liner had dried up and it is on the verge of finishing. So I wanted a liquid liner at first & then I saw this shiny little fellow hiding there. I could not resist the cute packaging & told to myself- Come on its just 2 SGD, nothing wrong in trying it out.

Daiso Japan Gel Liner Black review
Daiso Japan Black Gel Liner

Inglot eyeshadow refill in AMC Shine 44 Review , Swatches and Green smoky eyes

Of all the places I have traveled to , women with the best eye makeup ever were spotted in Dubai and women who were best dressed were spotted in Paris & Zurich. I was totally awestruck looking in both the above cases. 

Mastering eye makeup is an art and involves lot of practice & patience which I rarely have. However being a beauty blogger(or at least claiming), I need to often sport some basic eye makeup for reviewing eye products. But I am happy that I get to experiment lot with colors and sometimes it turns out good & sometimes bad. So recently one day, I just stumbled upon this palette of mine which had this gorgeous olive green eye shadow which I had not used at all.

The gorgeous Olive Green Eye shadow that I talked about is the Inglot Freedom System Eye shadow in the shade 44 which comes under the AMC Shine category.

Inglot AMC Shine olive green eyeshadow in shade 44
Inglot AMC Shine olive green eyeshadow in shade 44  EOTD

Aroma Essentials Calamine Sunblock Review

A Sunscreen is a very complicated product when it comes to buying it , because there are a lot of factors you need to consider while picking it up - the SPF number, whether it is waterproof or not , whether it would be suitable for your skin types etc etc. A sunblock helps in blocking harsh UV A & UV B sun rays that cause damage to the skin cells and prevents premature ageing of the skin.

I do not prefer if my sunscreen/ sun block is very oily/ shiny , but prefer it have a matte finish. I received one such matte sunscreen from Aroma Essentials & it has been a great product.

I have raved enough about Aroma Essentials in my previous posts & also in my monthly favorites video along with Krupa. For those of you, who are new to Aroma Essentials, you can check their Facebook page here :

Aroma Essentials Sunblock Calamine Review
Aroma Essentials Sunblock Calamine Review

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