NYX Professional Pigment in the shade Constellation - Review, Swatch & EOTD

NYX Professional cosmetics eye pigments
NYX Professional Pigment - Constellation

I have envied some of the makeup artists who have created magic using eye pigments and have always wanted to try them. I recently got to do an evening glam makeup on a client and I bought this beautiful shade of blue pigments from NYX Professional Cosmetics.

Miniso Japan Mini Makeup Haul

Miniso Japan is a shop that sells stuff from plush toys to earphones to makeup at a very affordable price and I have been waiting to try their stuff for quite some time. I cross Miniso every time I go to the mall but have not had an opportunity to shop and this time, I made a quick lone trip to the mall leaving my baby with my mother to check out their stuff.

Miniso Japan Singapore
Miniso Japan Haul

Fabulous Gifts that Your Father Deserves on Father’s Day

I know I am quite late for the Father's day here but better late than never. Check out the gifts you can give your dad.

For supporting you well and giving you all that you need, your father deserves the most special gifts on Father’s Day. Even if he does not want or ask for any gift, it is still a good gesture for a child to send any gift to dad. If you wish to send special gifts, the florist in Singapore provides the perfect gifts to send. Choose from these thoughtful gifts available at the flower shop:

A Flower Delivery

A lovely flower delivery on Father’s Day is a special way of telling your dad how much you appreciate all his effort and support to make you a better person. From infanthood to childhood to adulthood, no one ever gave you genuine love and care as your dad and mom. On this special day, let him know that you are grateful and thankful by sending a florist delivery of meaningful flowers.

A Plant Delivery

A unique plant delivery is also a nice gift that your dad will appreciate on Father’s Day. Plants can be a perfect way to express your gratefulness to your dad without being too expensive or too over the top. Any types of plants may do but when you want to send the best, let the florist in Singapore help you pick the right plant.

A Hamper Delivery

A wonderful hamper delivery for your dad may contain sets of wine and champagnes or pail of beers. There are also hampers of gourmets, nuts, and snacks which can be enjoyed every afternoon for snacks or shared with everyone at celebrations.

A Basket Delivery

A basket delivery on Father’s Day is a nice gift to say your message of love and care for your dad. Aside from a fruit basket, you may also choose to send him gift items, personal care products, vitamins, socks, shirts, or other precious items. There are many more unique and personalized items to select. The florist can help you pick the right gift that is suitable for your dad’s personality, sports, or style.

All these gift suggestions can be enough to make the special day more memorable and wonderful for your dad. These gifts may also say your message of love and appreciation. To make it more extravagant for him, why not bring the gift personally and let him celebrate this day with you. Flower delivery on Father’s Day is sure to add festivity and special moments to the celebration.

Charcoal: Beauty Industry’s dirty little secret

It’s the beauty industry’s dirtiest little secret: charcoal is the hottest new way to cleanse your skin, teeth and whole body! Charcoal exploded onto the beauty scene in 2017 and caused quite a sensation. Beauty bloggers trying out charcoal products went viral all over the internet because charcoal’s shocking black colour and tar-like appearance is not something you usually see in the clean white purified world of cosmetics, especially for applications like tooth whitening.

What it is and where it’s used

Most recently active charcoal has started to be used in all places and equipment which purpose is to cleanse something. Because of its lauded ability to absorb toxins and pollutants charcoal has been used in air filtration systems, to purify water and even in hospitals as a treatment for poisoning, as well as drug or alcohol overdoses. The idea is simple enough, charcoal contains many tiny particles, which added together have an incredible amount of surface area that’s ready to suck up toxins. In fact, just one teaspoon of activated charcoal equates to 10,000 square foot in the surface area. Activated charcoal is made by treating charcoal made from coconut shells, or more sustainable ingredients like bamboo, with acid or steam. The steam or acid breaks down all the volatile organic compounds, which leaves behind large holes on the surface of the activated charcoal particles. These pores are big enough to entrap toxins, oils, dirt and pollutants. 

When used cosmetically or medically, activated charcoal’s porous surface has no problem binding to chemicals and carcinogens, in order to remove them from the body. 
In face masks or soaps, charcoal works to draw bacteria, toxins, chemicals, dirt and other impurities to the surface of the skin to help you reach a perfect complexion free of acne or blemishes. Charcoal is not metabolized or absorbed by the body, so it traps and rids your body of impurities. Charcoal is a featured ingredient in pore strips, sheet masks, cleansers and toners for that very reason! Additionally, activated charcoal can be used internally as a cleansing agent. Take it as a pill or a powder. It will get to work, binding itself to toxins and ridding your body of impurities. Charcoal is also a valuable addition to tooth whitening treatments for the same reasons. This non-toxic, all natural substance traps yellowing agents and leaves teeth sparkling white and clean. 

When it went viral

Active charcoal became such a huge thing, so the result of that was between 2016 and 2017, there was a 428.13% increase in internet searches looking for charcoal treatments, and a 1023% increase in the sales of activated charcoal products. 
On social media, no one was talking about charcoal in 2015, but then by 2017, there were over 110,000 mentions. The charcoal trend is huge, and many beauty therapists have realized the potential of adding it to their cosmetic repertoire, for example by offering charcoal facials. 
If you’re not sure where to start, then events like the Taiwan Beauty International Show which will occur from the 13th until the 15th of September in Taipei, Taiwan and the largest companies from the globe will be exhibiting and showcasing the best products in the business.
In 2017 the event attracted 1,129 professionals from 32 countries. The top five countries comprising the largest number of buyers were Mainland China, Japan, USA, Singapore and Malaysia. At this year’s event among the excellent exhibitors, ÂGE D'OR which just won Monde Selection awards 2018 will exhibit to seek more overseas business, while EyRA, an Italian startup and Cosmoprof Trends Winner, is going to explore Taiwan and Asia market via the show and they will discuss about The Global Cosmetics Market and Consumer Trends, such as the new applications for charcoal and it’s spot in the cosmetics industry. 

Because of its popularity, new companies started to appear on the market, whose business is based on charcoal. But charcoal had the biggest impact on the beauty industry. 
Many companies in the beauty industry started to promote their charcoal products, hoping to catch the charcoal express towards success. On the market, there were products such as: face masks, toothpaste, gels, shampoos and many more. 

With this, we can conclude that active charcoal made a great impact on our lives in general because, it’s a healthy, new, affordable and efficient way to improve your health and your look and also it helped us purify the one thing that is essential to us – air. 

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