Omved Exfoliating Foot Scrub Review

Hi Everyone,

Hectic work, family commitments... Blogging..... These are the things am pretty occupied with.. Every woman will be handling so many responsibilities... We do need some time off from all this to take care of ourselves. We might not be able to get a pedicure done at a spa/salon frequently. We need to learn a few quick tips to keep our feet clean & tidy. 

So here comes a great product to help us save time, money as well as have a soft and smooth feet.

The Omved Exfoliating Foot Scrub.. 

Omved Exfoliating Foot Scrub-Ingredients : DM Water, Glycerin, pumice powder, carbopol ultrez 21, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, peppermint oil, lemon oil, tea tree oil, sodium hydroxide.

Free from parabens, sulfates, silicones, synthetic colors or perfumes, petrochemicals, glycols and phthaltes.

What Omved Exfoliating Foot Scrub claims?

Invigorate tired, aching muscles and dry and rough feet with this rich, minty scrub.Pumice Granules cleanse and smoothenPeppermint oil enhances circulation Moisturising oils soothe and soften feet

My Take on Omved Exfoliating Foot Scrub :

Packaging: It comes in a glass jar which is quite sturdy & heavy too :( Not travel friendly.  The product  looks like vaseline petroleum jelly from the outside. 

Fragrance : It has a very sweet smell which is natural of course. Very pleasant smell.

Omved Exfoliating Foot Scrub- The Product : I have tried doing a pedicure at home using this product twice. Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. Add some foot soak ( review coming soon) in it or a mild shampoo would do. Then take a little of the Omved exfoliating scrub and move your fingers in circular motion and scrub your feet. Wash your feet well followed by moisturiser.

There is no irritation/tingling on the skin. The oils do have relaxing properties...The feet feels soft and smooth after exfoliating.

But , I will not for sure say that my dead cells are removed.. You surely need a foot file to exfoliate the thick dead cell in your feet.

Omved Exfoliating Foot Scrub-Price : INR 490 for 100 gms

I feel it is a bit too pricey.. It doesnt work all that wonders for 500 Rupees...

Omved Exfoliating Foot Scrub-Will I repurchase ?  hmmmmm.. Probably not...   :( 

I use this moisturiser called Venusia Max prescribed by my Skin Doctor.. It is really good....I must admit.. Will give a review of that soon.

Trip to HongKong & Macau - Day 2 - Senado Square, Ruins of St. Paul , Macau Tower and Venetian Gondola Ride

Trip to HongKong & Macau - Day 2

Hongkong Macau Travel Blog : It was a bright morning on the day of our anniversary and after a swim in the morning and  we had our breakfast at Cafe Deco, Venetain Macau . We had decided to go to Senado Square, Ruins of St Paul and the Macau tower for the first half and we left the hotel around 9 : 30 in the morning. 

Senado Square : 

Senado square is a paved area in the center of Macau with traditional Portuguese style architecture that is surrounded by some beautiful churches and shops. It is a place that you feel that is always abuzz with people walking around either in the day or night  and a good place to spend 1-2 hours taking some snaps of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Senado square shopping
Senado Square- Macau

Senado Square Macau- How to get there ? 

The fastest way to get to Senado Square will be via the taxi from the Venetian but we wanted to see the city and hence used free shuttles and public transport. There are free shuttles from Venetain to Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal and  Outdoor Harbor Ferry Terminal. If you want to see the city take a shuttle to to Outdoor Harbour Ferry terminal ( approx 20-25 minutes ). From the terminal there are buses ( bus no 3 and 10 )  to Senado square/ Leal Senado and you have to alight at Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro bus stop which is 20 metres away from Senado square . 

We took some photos at Senado Square Macau , spent sometime walking around that area. Do not miss the egg tarts at Senado Square which are probably not as good as ones in Lord Stows bakery but still were quite good for HK 8 $ each

St. Dominics Church and Ruins of St Paul Macau :  

Ruins of St-Paul Macau Location
Ruins of St-Paul Macau

 Macau Tower 

After a lot of walking we decided to take the taxi and we headed to the Macau tower & went to the viewing deck & saw people doing bungee jumping... it was dead scary.. :) 

Macau Tower Bungy jump
View from Macau Tower

TIP : If you are do not know Chinese please make sure that you ask the guest relations in your hotel to write down the names of the attractions you want to visit in Chinese and carry them along as most of the taxi / bus drivers do not understand English but can read Chinese. 

Exploring the Venetian Macau : 

We got back to The Venetian, took some rest & went to floor where they had this gondola ride. Since it was our Wedding Anniversary we wanted to ride in that.. and it was really special since the guy who took us in the gondola knew a Hindi song & he sang for us.. (He was from Columbia) 

Venetian Macau Gondola Ride
Venetian Macau Gondola Ride

Venetian Macau Photos
Me with Hubby- Venetian Macau

We were roaming around Venetian Macau for sometime, went to City of Dreams hotel for taking pics & my husband played in the casino in The Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau Photos
At Venetian Macau 

So after a really long day we packed everything that night since we were leaving to Hongkong the next morning. Off to Hongkong for 5 nights at Eaton Hotel Hongkong. 

Aishwarya Rai inspired soft pink eye makeup tutorial

Aishwarya Rai inspired soft pink eye makeup

Hi All,

I wanted to create a Aishwarya Rai inspired soft pink eye makeup that would go well with Ethnic wear as well as Western wear.

Here is the picture of Aishwarya Rai that inspired me to create this mild eye makeup.

Step 1: Apply a primer or a concealer to your eye area to act as a base as well as to cover up dark circles or any wrinkles.

Step 2: Apply a peach/golden pink color eye shadow all over the lid.I used MAC Expensive Pink.

aishwarya rai eyeshadow tutorial-aishwarya rai eye makeup
MAC expensive pink on entire lid

Step 3: Apply a dark pink eye shadow in the outer 1/3 in a V shape.Pink shade from MUA Poptastic Palette. Read review here.

Step 5: Take some light brown shade in a blending brush and blend the outer corner & crease area well so that the dark pink shade is evenly distributed and there should be no harsh edges.

Step 6: Brush your eyebrows, fill gaps using a brown eyebrow pencil.

Step 7: Take a matte champagne shade or any light color & apply it below the eyebrows to highlight the eyes & also to the inner tear duct area.

Tips : Use a black khol pencil to draw a thin line close to your upper lashline so that it would give a dark look to your lashes. Then use a liquid liner on top of it.

aishwarya rai eye makeup- aishwarya rai eye makeup tips-aishwarya rai eye makeup tutorial-aishwarya rai inspired makeup
Black Khol close to the upper lashline

Step 8: Apply black kohl/eyeliner and extend it slightly to create a winged eyeliner look. Line the lower waterline with black kohl/kajal and join it to the winged eyeliner.

aishwarya rai eye makeup- aishwarya rai eye makeup tips-aishwarya rai eye makeup tutorial-aishwarya rai inspired makeup
After lining the lower and Upper lashline

Step 9: Smudge the kohl on the outer 2 / 3 of the lower waterline with some dark pink eyeshadow or a brown eye shadow.

aishwarya rai eye makeup-aishwarya rai eye makeup tips- aishwarya rai eye makeup tutorial-aishwarya rai inspired makeup
Applied Mascara

Step 10: Curl your lashes using an eyelash curler & apply loads of mascara to both upper & lower lashes or use artificial lashes.....

Use a nude lip color along with this look. 

aishwarya rai eye makeup-aishwarya rai eye makeup tips-aishwarya rai eye makeup tutorial- aishwarya rai inspired makeup
Finished Look

HongKong Cosmetics haul

My Hongkong Cosmetics Haul

Here are the list of cosmetics and other skincare products I purchased from Hong Kong.

1: Apricot enriched Vitamin E Oil - HKD 12 (Bonjour in Macau, next to Ruins of St.Paul)
2: Collagen face mask - 
3: Pomegranate face mask - HKD 60
4: Oxy 5 acne treatment 
5: ZA Face Mist - HKD 75
6: Tony Moly Hand cream - HKD 65
7: Lavshuca Candy pop Single Eyeshadow Shade BR 1 HKD 65
8: 2 Eyeshadow quartets HKD 15 each
9: Kanebo Primer - HKD 75
10: Kanebo Face Mineral Loose Powder HKD 89
11: One Jet Black eyeliner
12: One baked eyeshadow HKD 35
13: One Mineral face blush HKD 23
14: A pair of beautiful sandals - HKD 100 from Ladies Market in Mongkok
15: 6 set of earrings - HKD 200 from Ladies Market in Mongkok ( only 4 in pic)
16: 2 funky nail colors - HKD 75 each
17: A pore cleaner
18: Tony Moly bunny lip gloss

Most of the products were purchased from SaSa.. Every street in HongKong has a SaSa, Bonjour etc... Very colorful & attractive place to shop from.
The price list, Shop names & Brands will be updated soon. I am really sorry I forgot some... 
A bag & clutch too is missing in the pics... Will be updated soon....

Kanebo Face Mineral Loose Powder

Kanebo Primer

Trip to HongKong & Macau Day 1 - Ferry to Macau, Dragons Treasure show and House of Dancing Water

My trip to Macau & HK - Day 1

It was a trip that my husband and I looked forward to a lot. It was our first wedding anniversary & we wanted to celebrate it in a special way.

Hongkong Macau Travel Blog-Day 1:

We boarded the Cathay Pacific flight from Chennai on 19 Sept 2:55 am IST & landed in HK Intl Airport at 10: 30 local time. The flight was very comfortable & we were pleasantly surprised with the South Indian breakfast that they provided.
Hongkong International Airport to Macau

 How to go from Hongkong International Airport to Macau ? 

There are two ferry operators who operate ferries from HKIA to Macau namely Cotai Jet and Turbo Jet. Both the ferry operators charge the same ( HK $ 246 per adult for economy class )  and the frequency of the ferries is good. The most important thing that is to be kept in mind is that you need not cross the Hongkong immigration if you are directly going to Macau. Go to the E2 terminal ( lot of signs at the airport to guide you ) , purchase tickets for the ferry and remember to hand over the check in baggage  details at the counter.  The ferry operator employees shall take your baggage for you and transfer it to the ferry and you can get the same at the Macau Ferry terminal. We took the 12 : 45 Ferry from HKIA and arrived at Macau Taipa Ferry terminal at 1 : 45.

There are 2 ferry terminals at Macau :

  1. Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal 
  2. Macau Outdoor Harbor Ferry Terminal 
Macau Taipa Ferry terminal is closer to the Cotai Strip and most of the major hotels are located there. Most hotels have free shuttle services from the ferry terminal. 
Cotai Water Jet Schedule
Cotai Water Jet Ferry to Macau from HKIA

HKIA to Macau

Go to E2 terminal for Ferries

Hongkong Macau Travel Blog : The Hotel  Venetian Macau : 

We had booked The Venetian online one month before the travel. We took advantage of the advance booking package and hence got very good rates. 

Venetian Macau Booking

Paintings on the ceilings

I have never been to Venice but have seen a lot of pictures of the same and as soon as I entered the hotel I felt that I had been transported to a different world.  The Venetian Macau was just spectacular with the paintings on its ceilings that reminded us of Cistine Chapel. The check-in process was smooth and quick as we took utilised the Venetian Key Express check in facility.

Venetian Macau- What is key express check-in facility ?

Venetian Macau will send a mail to your e - mail id to 1 week prior to your arrival to fill in certain details and bring along the same to avoid the hassles of the long queues during check-in. We had filled up the same and send it back ensuring that our room was ready as soon as we arrived and we probably saved 30-45 minutes of our time. 
Venetian Macau Reviews

Hallway leading to the casinos

Venetain Macau- The Room : 

We had booked the basic suite that the Venetian offered and this was one of the best hotel rooms/ suites that we have stayed in. The room was extremely spacious ( 74 sqm ) with a beautiful king size bed, 2 TVs , a wonderful sitting area overlooking the Cotai Strip and a majestic bathroom. The hotel also complimentary Wi-Fi in the rooms.

Venetain Macau Room Tip : Ask for rooms on the higher floor as the views are better. Chose the South tower / wing as it is closer to the swimming pools. 

Venetian Macau Room Rates
Beautiful decoration for our anniversary

Venetian Macau Room Price
Complimentary Cup Cake for our Anniversary
Here is the video of the full suite that we stayed in Venetian Macau 

Hongkong Macau Travel : Attractions visited on Day 1 : 

We went to our room and refreshed ourselves and then set out to explore the neighborhood. The City of Dreams is just a stone throw away from the Venetian Macau and we spent our evening there watching the 2 shows

1. City of Dreams Macau : Dragons Treasure Show : The Dragon's Treasure is  a 3D show inside a dome like building, and is one of a kind. Never do you feel that you are watching a show as it was  very realistic. The tickets cost HKD 50 each and can be purchased 15- 30 minutes before the shows.
Dragons Treasure Show -City of Dreams Macau
The Dragons Treasure Show 

2. City of Dreams Macau- House of Dancing Water Show : 

The first thing I can say is that you have got to see it to believe. This is one among the most highly rated shows in the world and post the show I could see why. We had booked the House of Dancing waters show online a month before and were lucky as the shows were jam packed. It is a 90 minute show and you get to see some really cool stunts, enjoy beautiful music and revel in the grandeur of the show. 

House of Dancing water Macau
House of Dancing Water Show Arena

Venetian Macau at night
Venetian Macau at night seen from City of Dreams

Day 1 came to an end very late after the show and we were really tired. We got a quick bite to eat in our room and could not wait for our next day. 
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