Hi beloved readers, 

I am Harine from Singapore( pronounced as Harini ). Somewhere between my father's obsession for numerology and cinema and my mothers obsession for everything South Indian,  I was supposed to grow up like any normal Tamil girl should . But alas someone forgot to tell that to me ;) 

Well right from my childhood three things have really fascinated me - Travel, Makeup and Shopping. My experiments with makeup began when I was 3 , when my father used to come back from abroad with a bagful of chocolates for me and makeup products for mom.. But he never knew that I was the one more interested in the makeup and my mom used to lap up all the chocolates :)

Tales of foreign destinations with its abundant beauty , endless shopping malls and arrays of beauty shops , as told by my dad had captured my imagination as I grew up. I majored in Bio tech in school, electrical engineering  in college and finally joined hordes of Indians working in the software industry , totally confused, but only sure on my passion for - Travel, Makeup and Shopping.

What exactly is crazyforcosmetics about ? 

1. Interested in reviews about beauty products so as to make an informed choice before buying, then this is the place to be.. 
2. Your favorite actress had recently sported some look and you want to try it out too but do not know how ? I shall be doing celebrity inspired looks which can be helpful
3. You have a party to attend and need some tips / a tutorial for the look ? You can look at my tutorials and tips section for the same. 
4.  Planning for and exotic overseas holiday and do not know what to do or where to go ? I share experiences of my overseas travels till date in the Travel section and hope to be of help.
5. And finally who really does not like to shop ? Any new interesting purchase of mine I shall be sharing in the shopping section. 

If you are a reader who is looking for any of the above I hope you find my website helpful. 

Beauty Stats : 

Height : 5' 7"

Skin Tone : MAC NC 40

Skin Type: Basically dry skin but T zone alone is oily, Very very sensitive skin

Eye color : Black

Hair color: Black & extremely frizzy & curly

My best Assets : Eyes

My worst Assets: My hair (too tough to control)

My favorite Beauty Brands : 

Revlon, Bourjois Paris & of course MAC now...

My favorite travel destination : 

My favorite / dream destination would be Maldives. Though I have visited other countries nothing till date has equalled the joy and excitement I felt when I flew into Male. White sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters remind me of paradise and it is a place that I would love to visit again. 

Some Interesting Facts about me :

1 : Clean Freak barring my purse( Its a mess)

2 : Crazy about Accessories.. especially earrings..

3 : Love the color blue.. 

4 : I drop things from my hand atleast twice a day.. especially phone...

5 : Hate closed spaces.. am almost claustrophobic...

Connect to me :

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