My Love for Silk Saris...... & the continuing Lust

I am asking this question to myself : "Can I ever say No/Enough to Clothes or Jewelry or Cosmetics?"
No I cannot, even if I do,The Man knows that I am trying not to burn a hole in his pocket.

Well that is how a woman is wired I suppose..Being a South Indian Tamil girl , the thought of Kanchipuram Pattu(Silk)Sari or Paavadai(Skirt) revolves around you the moment you are born. It starts with pattu paavadai for your Birthdays, Half Sari when you are in your teens, & Sari when you are getting married. When you set out for bridal sari shopping to Kanchipuram,you are accompanied by your entire family, its kind of a picnic for the men & a day full of excitement for the women. 

The mother suggesting different colors,the sister taking pictures of you to see how well it suits you, the father sitting in a corner & admiring his grown up daughter trying out saris & giving a nod for everything..Aunties & other cousins choosing for themselves.. Yes its the occasion for them as well. So this is my post about my love for Silk Saris & some colorful pics of most of my saris...

1 : Engagement Sari No1

Kancheepuram Engagement Silk Saree-Wedding Silk sarees collection-wedding sarees for Indian brides

Indian Engagement Outfit-Engagement silk saree-silk sarees India-silk sarees collection

2 : Engagement Sari No 2 

I do not have the Sari with me... But the pic where I am wearing it. Both the engagement saris were bought from Kanchipuram , the first one from Prakash Silk Sarees & second one from Babu Sah.

Engagement Silk Saree-Wedding Silk saree- Silk sarees for indian weddings-South indian Silk saree

3 : Wedding Sari No 1

Wedding Silk Saree-Bridal Kancheepuram Silk sarees- Kanchipuram silk sarees collections-best silk saree shop kancheepuram

4: Wedding Sari No 2 (Grahapravesham) When the bride goes to the Husband's house.

silk saree designs-Indian Silk varieties-silk sarees India-wedding sarees india-Bridal SIlk sarees Tamilnadu

Silk saree collection Kancheepuram-Wedding silk sarees-Bridal Silk sarees
Thats me wearing it....
5 : Thala Diwali Sari (the first Diwali after your wedding):

silk saree collection-bridal Silks India-Kanchipuram Silk sarees collections

Kancheepuram silk saree-Bridal silk sarees Tamilnadu-Bridal Silk sarees kancheepuram

6 : Some saris that were gifted:

Kanchivaram Silk Saree-The Chennai Silks-Prakash Silk Sarees

Silk Saree-Kumaran Silks Chennai-Kumaran Silks Chennai-bridal silk sarees Kumaran silks

Babusah Silk saree Kancheepuram- Blue Silk Saree-Prakash Silk sarees Kanchipuram-Best Silk sarees shop kanchipuram

South Indian Bridal Outfit- Silk Saree-South indian silk sarees-Pure silk sarees india

There are 2 more for which I do not have pics & they are not with me..... Am sure am not gonna stop my Silk Sari hunt with this & it would continue..
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