Pink and Purple Party Eyemakeup Tutorial

Hi Everyone, 

Hope the New Year was good for everyone, it was extra special for me.. I will be revealing it soon.... No.. Stop Stop.. I know where your imaginations are heading to.. 

Jan 3, 9 pm IST, My Residence....

The door bell rang & I was wondering who is this ringing the bell at 9 pm... I went & opened the door, and there was this guy standing with a huge parcel in his hand..No.. I did not do any online shopping.. My husband too gave a perplexed look at me.. He asked Ma'm are you Mrs.Harine..? I said yes.. (wondering what the hell the parcel was) ??? 

He asked me to sign on a paper & handed over the parcel to me. I ran into the room & opened it & found several eyeshadow palettes, brushes & it was sent by my brother who is in UK... Oh my God.. I couldn't believe it and I was shell shocked.. Was I holding a Sleek Palette, MUA palette, ELF brushes... ??? He knew about my blog & had sent all this me.. How sweet of him... 

Pics & review coming up soon......What more do we need for a New Year??

I had done a pink-purple eyemakeup for my cousin's engagement recently & wanted to do a tutorial for this look.Find the steps below:

Pink & Purple Party Eye makeup Tutorial

Pink eyeshadow is so versatile that it will compliment any skintone & any other eyeshadow color. Recently for two parties I tried this pink & purple combination eye makeup that worked really well & was appreciated by everyone.

General Tips for eyemakeup: 

  • The eyemakeup should always be complimenting the dress we wear, in the sense the colors should not always be the same colors found on the dress but based on the color wheel.

  • The colors on the opposite side of the wheel compliment each other, for instance if you are wearing a yellow color dress, a warm purple (purple with yellow undertones) will look good on you.
  • Always use an eye primer beneath your shadow for better color payoff & longevity. There is no need for an expensive ones, even a simple BB cream is fine.

  • Invest in basic eyemakeup brushes; they will really help you do your own eyemakeup.

  • For applying the base color, use flat shader brush in patting motion for maximum pigmentation. Layer the colors for a better color payoff.

Steps to create the look:

1: Apply an eye primer around the eye area. I used Ponds BB cream to even out the skin around the eye area.

Eyeshadow-Primer-Ponds BB Cream
Without Primer                                                                                                  With Primer

2:  Apply a cream eyeshadow preferably a pink shade for better color payoff of the powder eyeshadows.I used my fingers to apply the cream shadow.

Base Cream Eyeshadow-Color Payoff
Cream Eyeshadow as a base

3: Using a flat shader brush pick up a shimmering pink color & layer it on top of the matte shade. Since it a party look, you can go for shimmering shades.

Pink Purple Eyeshadow- tutorial- eyemakeup
Pink Shimmery Eyeshadow on 2/3 rd of the lid

4: Use a crease brush to take a purple eyeshadow & apply in the outer 1/3 rd of the lid in the form of a V & extend it outwards to create an illusion of a bigger eyes.Using a flat shader brush apply some purple eyeshadow to the lower lashline leaving the inner tear duct region.

Crease- Blending Brush- Purple Eyeshadow pictures
Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial

5: Pick up a shade 2 shades lesser then your skin color using a blending brush & use it as an transition color & blend nicely on the outer edges to create a smooth look.

eyeshadow blending techniques-eyeshadow tutorial-pink purple eyeshadow tutorial
Blending the eyeshadows 
6: To intensify the outer edge, take some black eyeshadow in the crease brush & apply in the outer V and blend evenly. 

Pink Purple Party eyemakeup-technique-tutorial
Pink Purple eyeshadow tutorial
 7: Apply a pale highlighter shade in the tear duct area  using a Q tip to apply the highlighter to inner tear duct.

eyemakeup to make eyes bigger
Highlighter in the tear duct
 8: Clean all the fall outs using a tissue.

Party eyemakeup-party eyemakeup pictures
Clean up fallouts

9: Curl your lashes with a lash curler, & apply generous amount of mascara on both the upper & lower lashes.

Thick Long Lashes- False Lash effect-Mascara Application
Curl your lashes using Curler

10: Apply black eyeliner to the upper lash line & line the lower line with Khol.

     Using a smudger brush smudge the khol & purple eyeshadow.

Pink Purple eyemakeup-tutorial-technique
Eyemakeup with liner & khol

11: Use pale gold eyeshadow beneath the brow bone to highlight those areas to capture light & make your eyes look bigger & attractive using a clean brush to apply to the brow bone.

Tutorial to make eyes bigger-brighter eyes
Highlight the browbone

Tip : ) Apply compact powder with a clean brush on top of the eyeshadow as a final step so that it doesn’t crease & remains intact for hours :)

12: Fill the gaps in your brows & tada the eyes are ready.

Pink Purple Eyemakeup-Eyeshadow tutorial
Final Pink & Purple Eyemakeup under different lighting

Products Used :

Powder eyeshadows-cream eyeshadows-eyelash curler-mascara-brushes-tools-accessories
Entire list of products used

Eyemakeup Brushes-Tools-Curler-Mascara
The tools & Accessories used
1 : Models Prefer Eyeshadow Palette.. Find the review here.

2: Chameleon Eyeshadow palette

3: Vega Flat Shader Brush

4: Colorbar Blending Brush

5: Kara Wet Wipes & Q tip

6: Maybelline Makeup Remover

7: Eyebrow pencil (no brand)

8: Ponds BB cream

9: Maybelline Falsies Mascara

10: Kryolan Crease Blending Brush

11: Elle 18 Blackout Eyeliner

12: Blending brush(no brand)

13: Max Factor Khol

14: Eyelash Curler(no brand- bought from Dubai)

15: Eyebrow & eyelash brush(complimentary from Revlon)

Cheap-Eyeshadow-Palettes-eyemakeup tutorial
Eyeshadow Palettes used : Models Prefer Palette and Chameleon palette

Colors used :

1: Purple eyeshadow 

2: Pink Eyeshadow

3: Gold eyeshadow used for highlighting

4: Pink cream shadow used as a base

5: Light brownish purple shade used for blending

6: Black eyeshadow
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