Trip to Singapore Day 2 - Singapore Zoo & Orchard Road

Singapore Day 2

There is something about swimming pools that fascinate both hubby and me and when we travel our first routine in the morning is to dive into the pool. Oasia Hotel Singapore had a good seized swimming pool and the morning swim had helped us work up some appetite.  Post a delicious breakfast ( do not miss out on the fresh waffles ) we were all ready to go to the Singapore Zoo.

Singapore ZOo Timings-Singapore Zoo Kangaroo-Singapore Zoo rainforest experience
Australian Kangaroo

Trip to the Singapore Zoo :

Thats Me 17 years back in Singapore Zoo

It has been almost 17 years since I last visited the Singapore Zoo. It was the 90’s , dad was working for a firm in Singapore and we were visiting in my summer hols.  Even in the 90’s the Singapore Zoo was one of the best attractions in Singapore and not much has changed since then and in fact it has only become better.  This is a place to visit with family and somewhere you can easily spend half a day.

Singapore Zoo Map-Singapore Zoo review-Singapore Zoo Map
Giant Panda in its enclosure

How to get to the Singapore Zoo :  

The cheapest way to get there is by using the Singapore MRT system which is excellent .But a word of caution , do expect to spend atleast an hour for one way travel as the Singapore Zoo is in the outskirts of the city. So my suggestion is that if you are travelling as a large group with kids and elders a taxi is the fastest and most convenient way to reach quickly.

Singapore Zoo timings-Singapore Zoo Map

Singapore Zoo : An Amazing Tropical Rainforest Experience

As soon as you enter the zoo you leave the hustle and bustle of Singapore behind and you feel you are transported to a tropical rain forest. The Zoo is divided into a few zones with each zone having its own set of exhibits.  Here are some clicks from the Singapore Zoo.

Singapore Zoo tickets-Singapore Zoo Night SAFARI-singapore ZOO review

Singapore Zoo : Shows not to miss

     Splash Safari Show :  I have seen quite a few sea lion shows before and after this too but would rate the show in Singapore Zoo as one of the best. It really was a wacky and fun filled 15 minute show and it was great to see the sea lion in action.

Singapore Zoo shows-Singapore Zoo show timings-Singapore ZOo video
A SeaLion Performing

Tip :  Since this is a water based show there are designated splash zones. You do get really wet if you are in first 2 -3 rows.

·         Rain Forest Fights Back : This is a fun filled 20 minute show performed by at least 10 different species of animals as they try to prevent the destruction of the rain forests around us. There is also an unique twist in the end that is real fun and you also have a chance to go on stage against one of the primates. Wont indulge any more as it would spoil the surprises. There are photo opportunities with the cast and the crew post the show so don’t forget to get on stage.

Singapore zoo monkeys- singapore zoo location-singapore zoo rainforest

·         Elephants at work and play show :  This was a show which we did not watch , but is rated highly. If you are travelling with kids this is a must do.

Singapore Zoo Safari-Singapore Zoo review
The cheetah

General Tips :

  •        Do purchase your tickets online as tickets are cheaper on line and you can avoid the large queues especially on weekends ( We went on a Sunday and had to wait for quite some time for our tickets ).
  •          There are mini scooters near the reception and it is better to hire one as it will ease the burden of walking a lot.
  •         Arrive at least 15 mins before any show as the best seats get filled up really quickly as most of the shows are only twice a day.
Singapore Zoo ANimals-Singapore Zoo Timings

  •        There is a guided tram ride with audio which is quite informative. So if you do not know where to start you can first take the tram ride to get an idea and come back to exhibits where you would like to spend extra time.
  •        If possible try to do both the zoo and the night safari as both experiences are totally unique.

Orchard Road Shopping and Dinner

So after a long day at the Singapore Zoo it was time for some shopping and what better place than the famous Orchard Road of Singapore.  It is a 2.2 km stretch of road that is the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore with tons of malls, large number of restaurants and it is truly a shopper’s paradise.

Singapore Shopping experience-Singapore shopping guide-Singapore shopping tips
I bought these from Orchard Road

I bought some hair clips too which I gifted my cousins. There are offers like buy 3 for 10 SGD which is really good.Good quality ones for 10 SGD.

we had our dinner at a South Indian restaurant in Little India & headed to the hotel & hit the bed for an interesting day ahead... Universal Studios :)
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