ZA Hydrating Face Energy Mist Review

Some of them are blessed with good glowing skin, but some of them have problematic skin which can at times let them down. But its ok, every problem has a solution in this world.I have dull lack-lustre skin and one of my cousins told me a face mist can be of help.I bought this face mist from Hongkong & have used it for some special occasions as a face mist & on my foundation brush to help blend my stick foundation easily.

A face mist hydrates your skin and gives it a healthy glow. It can also be used to keep the makeup intact for several hours. It is supposed to be sprayed onto the face by closing you eyes and keeping the nozzle at some distance from your face.

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ZA Hydrating Face Mist

About ZA Hydratng Face Mist :
Instantly restores dryness and other daytime hazards and make skin smooth and radiant.

How to

Hold 15cm from the face and spray a few times to apply an appropriate amount over the entire face, and smooth it out with the palm of the hand. It can also be used over makeup.

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My Experience with Za Hydrating Face Mist:
It comes in a pink plastic container with a spray nozzle and a pink cap. Packaging looks quite classy & is very light weight. The cap is a bit flimsy , so might not be very ideal for travel. The face mist looks like water and has a pleasant smell. When sprayed on the face, first it feels a bit sticky but once it dries it gives a very good fresh and glowing skin. When used on a foundation brush to enable better blending of the foundation but it dries up quickly on the brush and we need to work fast. It made applying a stick foundation an easy task.It makes your tired face quite refreshed on application. It has a pleasant smell and will not linger on for a long time. It keeps the face glowing and hydrated for about 3 hours after which it starts feeling oily, so you can blot the oil with blotting paper.

ZA hydrating face mist review- Hongkong cosmetics haul- Hongkong shoppig haul
Face Mist just sprayed

Price : HKD 75 from Sasa Cosmetics, Hongkong.
Pros :
1 : Very hydrating
2 : Gives good glow to the skin.
3 : Can be used for blending foundation too by using it on the brush.
4 : Decent staying power.
5 : Face feels fresh.
6 : Keeps makeup intact.
Cons : 
1 : Face starts feeling oily after few hours.
2 : The cap is a bit flimsy.
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