Trip to Dubai - Days 2, 3 and 4 - The Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Mall , Yas Water World and Ski Dubai- Mall of Emirates

March 2013

Day 2 : 

Palm Jumeirah and the Atlantis Dubai 

So after an exciting first day where we visited the Burj Khalifa an architectural marvel we started of day 2 by visiting another marvel, the man made islands of the Palm Jumeirah and the famous Atlantis Hotel. We did not want to take any chances like the previous day ( where we did not get a taxi) and booked one at our hotel . It was a good 30 minute drive from our hotel to the Palm Jumeirah , but a real picturesque one as we passed most of Dubai`s famous attractions enroute. 

My Fashion Earrings Collection - Part 1 - Trendy

I really cant believe that I was once a tomboy with a short hair cut and sporting only shirts and jeans,but now have a great collection of fashion accessories, ethnic clothes, sarees and love them so much. I am quite happy with the transformation or else I would have surely missed out on so many sweet little things in life.Now I am a sucker for fashion Jewelry and I decided to show you all my earrings/accessories collection but in parts. I have divided it into 4 sections:

Brides of the World Inspired Eye makeup Series , Part 3 - Indian bengali Bride Eyemakeup

Bridal makeup is something that interests me a lot and is something that is close to my heart. One day while I was browsing for tips on bridal makeup & things to buy , I stumbled upon beauty blogs and then it was running in my mind that I should start this some day. 
So I thought my blog should be able to give some value addition to my readers and introduced Brides of the World Eyemakeup series.

Till now, I have posted Arabic Inspired Bridal makeup & Pakistani inspired Bridal makeup.

I have to admit that I created these looks based on some observations from images in Google and not for type casting any color/look with any nation/state etc. I do not wish to offend anyone in these posts. The posts are inspired from pictures that I observed in google.

Sephora Bronzing Matte Powder in shade Medium Review, Swatch

Thanks to my grandmother's genes for this lovely chubby cheeks that I have got.... People can nicely pull and play around with it. Experiencing this from childhood till now & I used to do the same thing to my granny even when she was 93..

I know its all fun to look like that but on photos ????? It looks perfectly circular as though God used a compass !!!(Maybe he was strong in Geometry)

Banjara's Papaya Gel Review - Summer Skincare Special

Its a been a very long time since I sat down to write a product review since I was traveling last month and I was so excited to share my travel experiences with you that I did not get time to review any product. I always think I should have some posts scheduled when I am traveling but it never happens.

Summer is taking a toll on my skin and I get tanned very easily. So this Banjara's Papaya Gel is one product that keeps my skin cool, refreshed and clear. I have been using this since last month and I feel it helps me rejuvenate my skin after harsh  sun exposure. 

On my Nails - Maybelline Color Show Shocking Seas

I am sure most of you would have read my post about the recent giveaway that I won. If not , the link is here.... I won a lot of nail colors and all of them were really awesome shades that I might not buy mainly because of the freaking feedback my family would give..So I refrain myself from picking up such shades but they are actually cool :) & this was something I won.. so they cannot say anything..!!!! (Evil grin)

Paris and Switzerland Cosmetics and accessories haul

My haul this time is not as big as my Hongkong Haul.. What is the reason I refrained from buying lots? 

Is it because of my husband?------------------------------- No
Is it because of the budget?----------------------------- No
Then why?----------------------------------------
Because of the baggage :( Since the trip was for 13 days we had to carry enough clothes and there was hardly any space left in my suitcase. I literally had to sit on top of it to close it. I can read your mind...Dont worry, while buying it, I ensured that it can bear my weight... :)

Nevertheless, I managed to grab some interesting stuff that would fit into my budget as well as suitcase. :P

Things I won in a giveaway

Though I recently hosted a giveaway and announced a winner, mailed it to her, when I got a mail that I won a giveaway, I was behaving like a child because this was the first time I won something-- that too cosmetics..

I won a giveaway hosted by Rhea Katyal of The products that I won are given in the pic below... 

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