How I became passionate about MAC IMPASSIONED

Have you ever heard of a husband who fights with his wife and insists she should get herself a MAC lipstick? We fought in front of the MAC Store in a mall for me being adamant not to buy one for now and he being persistent that I should get one. TOUCHWOOD.. I am so lucky to have him in my life & the result - MAC IMPASSIONED is in my stash now.

I have read a lot about this shade before in other blogs but I kept my mind open to other shades as well. I wanted some bright shades and tried quite a few like MAC SPEAK LOUDER, IMPASSIONED, ON HOLD etc. ON HOLD & IMPASSIONED impressed me a lot. I first requested for ON HOLD but the store did not have it in stock and hence I was left with no option but IMPASSIONED. I first felt it was too bright & cooler on my MAC NC 40 skin tone but after few minutes it became a bit more warmer on my skin tone and completely enhanced my face.

MAC amplified creme lipstick impassioned
MAC Amplified creme lipstick IMPASSIONED
When I first applied it looked quite similar to my Sephora R 34 shade but later slowly exhibited the coral shade in it which I love.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter Review

Gone are the days when my mom used to apply coconut oil to her hands & legs to prevent it from drying and to give it a nice glow. Then came body lotions and moisturizers. 

Now its time for body butters. In fact I saw a program on TV where the doctor said that one should not use coconut oil on skin because it has properties that can help microbes grow. Its not my job to contemplate on that but I will stay away from that and limit its usage to my hair.

Coming to Body Butters, The Body Shop Body Butter is the first one I am trying out and I love the smell of it and it keeps me fresh for a long time.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body butter review
The Body Shop Satsuma Body butter review

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Usage Challenge - Month 3

I was seeing a video of mine taken on Jan 9 2013 and I was shocked to see that my hair was so thin and weak.I was shocked to see the difference then and now. Though my work schedule has been the same, why was there so much difference in my hair structure,length & volume?

My current Hair Care Schedule :

2 - 3 times in a week , I use MABH hair oil before bedtime in small portions and 2 times before hair wash, leave it on for an hour and do a hair massage.

I apply Biotique Bio Musk Root Fresh Growth Nourishing Treatment hair mask along with one egg or curd once every week.

I use Biotique Bio Kelp protein Shampoo for every wash.I have been using this shampoo continuously for 10 months now and I love it in spite of it making my hair a bit rough.

Once every 15 days I apply a homemade henna hair mask, leave it for an hour and then wash my hair.

I eat sufficient proteins in the form of dhals/paneer. 

Bourjois Paris Color Boost Lip Crayon in Red Sunrise Review & Swatches

I have been a fan of Bourjois products for a while & I have tried their lipsticks 
before but not the lip crayon. Last year there were lot of such releases by other major brands too & I think they are just wonderful in terms of maintenance & usage. But this is the first such product that I have managed to grab. 

From Bourjois Paris :

With its melting formula, Color Boost leaves a radiant veil of color on the lips with just enough shine and moisture to enhance each shade.
A new generation formula that provides a bare lip sensation thanks to its light and non-sticky texture. With it silk extract formula, Color Boost brings comfort and hydration to your lips for 10 hours*.
Its waterproof color and SPF 15 make Color Boost both practical and beautiful!
Available in 4 luminous, easy-to-wear colors.
*Tested on 32 women*

Bourjois Paris Color Boost Lip Crayon in Red Sunrise Review
Bourjois Paris Color Boost Lip Crayon in Red Sunrise Review

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