Rock this Summer with Inglot Lipstick in shade 103 - Review, Swatches and LOTD

I have been wanting to get my hands on a orange lipstick for a long time because I was bored of sporting pinks, neutrals and reds and wanted to experiment. Summer is the best time you can experiment with bright sunny colors and what more than orange , which can compliment the summers.

I just happened to see the Inglot store and I went in to see if I could spot something really nice. I was checking out their eye shadow refills and I was not quite sure if I needed them. Then I moved onto lipstick section and then found this beautiful orangey - red shade called 103.

Inglot amc lipstick in shade 103
Inglot amc lipstick 

where to buy Inglot lipstick online
Inglot Lipstick in shade 103

What Inglot claims ?

Classic lipstick with vitamin E and apricot kernel oil that moisturize and protect the lips. The non-sticky, long lasting formula provides easy and even application.

Inglot lipstick price
Inglot lipstick shade 103

Ingredients : 

Inglot lipstick review
Inglot lipstick Ingredients

My experience with Inglot lipstick in shade 103 :

Packaging of Inglot Lipstick in shade 103 :

It comes in a shiny black twist up casing that is absolutely classy & sturdy. It has only the words INGLOT printed on the tube. It comes enclosed in a cardboard box that has the details of the price, quantity and manufactured date.

The bullet looks like a deep orange shade with red undertones. I love the packaging to the core and is absolutely travel friendly.

inglot lipsticks shades
inglot lipsticks outer case

Inglot lipsticks refills
Inglot lipstick packaging

Shade 103 from the Inglot Lipstick and the texture :

Shade no 103 is a bright orangey - red lipstick that appears orange at times and red sometimes based on the lighting. In the store, it seemed a more orangey shade but when I came out in the sun it was more of a brownish orange shade and exhibits the reddish undertones. The color is a versatile color and can be paired with any color outfit and can be used during mornings and evenings.  

The finish is creamy and it is easy to apply on the lips. It does not enhance dry lips due to the hydrating nature and it settles as a satiny finish on the lips. The lipstick feels a bit heavy on the lips. It does not bleed even without using a lip liner and it does not settle into fine lines. 

Inglot lipstick shade 103 review and swatches
Inglot lipstick shade 103 bullet shade

Staying Power of the Inglot Lipstick 103 :

The lipstick stays for about 4 hours without budging and then starts to fade. I wore it to an event at about 5 pm and about 9 pm, when I took a pic, the lipstick was still present.But after that I had my dinner and it vanished in a weird way from only the center portion of my lips , but the outline was still there. It does transfer onto cups and glasses due to the creamy nature.

The way the lipstick had faded was a huge let down for me since it looked bad with the color only on the outline of the lips and nothing left on the center.

For the creamy finish, the staying power did not come as a shock to me. I still love the shade and how well it compliments the Indian warm brown skin tone.

Swatches of Inglot Lipstick 103 :

inglot lipstick 103 swatch
inglot lipstick 103 swatch under sunlight

inglot lipstick swatches
inglot lipstick lip swatches under natural light

inglot lipstick shades for indian skin
inglot lipstick shades for indian skin - shade 103

Inglot lipstick 103 on Indian skin tone
Me wearing Inglot lipstick 103 

Inglot lipstick 103 on Indian skin tone swatches
Close up shot of me wearing Inglot lipstick in 103

inglot lipsticks review in india
inglot lipstick 103 for all occassions

You can more of this outfit here .

Price : INR 850

The price is moderate when compared to some brands that have recently hiked their prices. But for the staying power, there are other cheaper alternates /dupes.


1 : Very hydrating on the lips.

2 : Pretty shade

3 : Does not emphasize dry lips

4 : Does not settle into fine lines.

5 : Contains Vit E oil.


1 : Fading happens unevenly.

2 : Shade is a tricky shade - appears differently under different lighting.

You can buy it online from Majorbrands website. All you Chennai readers out there-The Chennai Inglot has been permanently closed.. :(

inglot lipstick shades
inglot lipstick shade 103 under sunlight

inglot lipstick packaging
inglot lipstick packaging

inglot lipstick packaging  travel friendly
inglot lipstick is travel friendly

inglot lipstick price online
inglot lipstick 103 review

inglot lipstick 103 on Indian skintone
inglot lipstick 103 review

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