Claire's Nail Polish Collection and my NOTD

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things.

These are the lines from an English Song and I was just humming this when I thought of showing some of my favorite things...

When everyone is going Ga Ga over the Maybelline Go Graffiti collection, I just realized that I have a few hidden gems with me for the last one year that I have not shown to you guys !! I bought them when I went to Paris last year and got them in buy 2, get 1 free offer and they are super cute. Without much talking to do, I will show you the pictures. I have not checked whether they are available in Claire's India stores and if some of you have purchased nail colors from them do mention it in the comments. It would be useful for those who are willing to try their range of nail colors.

claire's nail polish review
Claire's nail polish 

Claire's Nail colors from Paris, France
Claire's Nail Colors from Paris, France

The 3 shades are Magic Carpet, Pink Convertible and Must Have from Left to Right.

Magic Carpet can be worn as a top coat or individually on the nails. Its a clear nail polish with Hot Pink Glitters and Polka dots. The nail colors stay for a long time and removal of Magic Carpet & Must Have using ordinary remover can be a tough job.

Claire's India Stores
Claire's Nail Color in Magic Carpet

claire's nail polish set
Claire's nail polish set

claire's glitter nail polish
Claire's glitter nail polish

claire's accessories
Claire's Magic Carpet on my nails

Shade Pink Convertible :

My top pick among the 3 would be Pink Convertible which applies easily on the nails and I just love the shade - It is a gorgeous hot pink.

Claire's India stores
Claire's Paris Nail Color Pink Convertible

Claire's Nail polish shades
Claire's Nail polish shade Pink Convertible

Claire's Uk Nail polish price
Claire's France Nail polish

Claire's Nail polish
Claire's Nail polish  shades

Pink color nail polish
Best Pink Shades of Nail Color

claire's india
Claire's Nail Color 

Shade Must Have : 

The Graffiti nail polish that can be used as a top coat on shades like white, pink, blue.

Must have nail color shades for summer
Shade Must Have from Claire's

Graffiti nail color from Claire's
Graffiti nail color from Claire's

Graffiti nail color from Claire's NOTD
Graffiti nail color from Claire's on my nails

Summer NOTD
Colorful NOTD

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