Prevent Premature Graying of Hair with Jovees Regrowth and Revitalizing Hair Pack

Premature graying is in my genes because my mom got her first grey hair when she was 24 and dad got it when he was 25. But by God's grace, I did not inherit their genes for this and for your information, I am in my late twenties and I do not have a single grey hair(TOUCH WOOD). I apply some hair oil, be it plain coconut oil or any Ayurvedic oil at least twice a week and avoid chemical treatments as much as possible. I have not done any chemical treatments like coloring , straightening or softening till now and my hair texture is coarse and scalp is dry.

I apply home made henna paste to my hair once in a week or so and you can read about it here. 

Jovees Regrowth & Revitalizing Hair Pack
Jovees Regrowth & Revitalizing Hair Pack

Review of Jovees Regrowth & Revitalizing Hair Pack :

The Jovees Regrowth and Revitalizing hair pack comes in tube packaging which is very comfortable for usage and you can easily squeeze out the required quantity. To it you can add either a egg or some yogurt and apply it to the scalp, leaving it there for an hour and washing it off using just plain water. Ì oil my hair 2 days later and wash using my regular shampoo and conditioner.

NOTE : However I just add this Jovees Hair pack to the Henna paste and use Yogurt to blend them both before applying.You can look at the Usage instructions and Claims in the picture below :

Ready to use Jovees Regrowth & Revitalizing Hair Pack
Ready to use Jovees Regrowth & Revitalizing Hair Pack

The hair pack has got a medicinal smell that is not very appealing , but when I mix it with henna, I do not mind the smell.The ingredients in the hair pack are Amla, Bringharaj, Palasbeej and Jatamansi.

I am sure many of you would have heard that Amla can fight premature graying of hair when either consumed or used externally. Bringhraj is supposed to trigger growth of new hair and is used in all Ayurvedic oils. I am not aware of the purpose of the other ingredients used in this hair pack like Palasbeej and Jatamansi.

The consistency of the hair pack is quite thick and it has to be diluted with water as per the instructions but I prefer curd.It is dark brown in color and does take about 45 minutes to 1 hour to dry completely on the hair. I prefer to keep it for 2 hours and then wash it off with just plain water so that the effect lingers on for few days till you shampoo your hair.

Ready to use Jovees Regrowth & Revitalizing Hair Pack review
Hair Pack consistency

How does it behave while washing ?

If left to dry for a long time, you might need to spend quite sometime to wash it off completely from your hair and your bathroom can become a mess.

After usage Effects :

My hair becomes very soft and manageable whenever I use this pack along with the homemade henna pack. Off late I have been losing quite a lot of hair during hair wash especially, but I find a lot of small baby hairs popping up.There is some improvement in the luster of my hair but my ends are still dry.I can prevent early graying of my hair if I use this regularly and to get all the benefits I make sure I use it in combination with my henna pack.

Price : INR 165 for 200 gms. It lasts for about 10 - 12 washes.

Generally it takes time to observe positive effects in non chemical based treatments and I am sure we can get good benefits from this pack if used continuously for at least 3 months.                                            

Ready to use Jovees Regrowth & Revitalizing Hair Pack online
Jovees Hair Pack for prevent premature grey hair

natural hair pack for hair growth
Natural Hair pack 

Overall View : It is an affordable,chemical free option for those who wish to pamper their hair at home.
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