Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Conditioner Review

It is really important to condition your hair after every hair wash with a good conditioner that suits your hair needs - Golden Rule for soft, manageable hair.
Irrespective of the shampoo that you use, if you desire shiny, soft and tangle free hair, it is mandatory to use a good conditioner following your shampoo.

I had stopped using chemical free hair care products and was using 100 % natural shampoo and conditioner, but it was just not working for me and it made my hair all the more dry. I was really apprehensive about switching to other brands and with great fear, I picked up the Loreal Paris Smooth intense Conditioner which I have been using now for about 2 months regularly and I have my review here.

About Loreal Paris Smooth Conditioner :

L’OrĂ©al Paris presents this ‘Smooth Intense 48H’ smoothing conditioner, which is an ultimate hair care solution for dry and unmanageable hair. Enriched with the goodness of silk protein, the conditioner deeply nourishes and softens your hair. Further, the strong anti-frizz smoothening action of the conditioner offers long-lasting humidity protection to your hair. 

Loreal Paris Smooth intense Conditioner
Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Conditioner

Price of Loreal Intense Smooth Conditioner : INR  150  for 175 ml

Review of Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Conditioner :

Packaging of Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Conditioner :

The conditioner comes in a bright yellow plastic container with a tight lid that does not let the product come out. The nozzle is of medium size and dispenses a pea sized amount every time. Very rigid yet elegant packaging which I totally like and it is extremely convenient for usage and storage.

Texture of the Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Conditioner :

The texture of the conditioner is extremely creamy and thick which would provide the ideal softness to the hair. It is made of silk protein which easily blends well on to the wet hair and provides nourishment to my dry and frizzy hair.It smells lovely and the fragrance lingers on to my hair for 2 days which is really cool. 

Texture of Loreal Paris Smooth intense Conditioner
Texture of Loreal Paris Smooth intense Conditioner

Procedure to apply it : Wash your hair with shampoo and after rinsing it well, apply the conditioner to the hair strands excluding the roots. Leave it for few minutes and rinse it off using cold water since hot water can remove the moisture form your hair. Towel dry for a soft, manageable, tangle free hair.

Smoothing conditioner for dry frizzy hair
Smoothing conditioner for dry frizzy hair

My Experience : My hair turns really soft,  silky and tangle free after wash and it remains like that for about 3 days, if I do not sweat much. If I end up sweating, then it stays fresh for 2 days. The conditioner does not weigh down my hair either and provides the much needed moisture.

I did not observe any hair fall due to the usage of this conditioner and I will surely continue to use this. You just need to ensure that you wash it off thoroughly since it can make it sticky. I would not recommend this to people already with straight, soft or thin hair since it can make it all the more limp.

tips for dry unmanageable hair
Nourishment for dry hair

Pros of Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Conditioner :

1 : Makes hair really soft and tangle free
2 : Adds moisture to dry frizzy hair.
3 : Contains silk protein and makes hair smooth 
4 : It would last for at least 2 to 3 months since a pea sized amount is enough for one wash.
5 : Fresh , lovely fragrance which lasts till the next wash.
6 : Retains the softness till the next wash if not exposed to too much sweating.

packaging of loreal paris smooth intense conditioner
Packaging of Loreal Paris smooth intense conditioner

Cons of Loreal Paris Conditioner :

1 : Difficult to squeeze out the product after few usages. 

Dry frizzy hair treatment
Dry frizzy hair treatment

Recommendation : I would recommend this conditioner for people suffering from dry, frizzy unmanageable hair. It is affordable and works great.
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