Be a Diva this Fall with MAC's DIVA

Fashion Trends are always cyclical ! I am sure most of you would accept this fact because the trends that were active few years back are coming into picture again like Velvet blouses, crop tops and so many more.But some trends will never leave the fashion industry like the Red lipstick and the vampy fall burgundy lipstick.

I have a few reds in my collection but always wanted a Burgundy shade and  I searched the Internet for some suggestions.Girls, but do not go by the suggestions based on Instagram as most of them would have used some filter to edit the pictures and the color would turn up totally different. So lets find out if one such Instagram based Instantaneous buy turned out Disastrous or Successful.

So the lipstick that I bought was DIVA by MAC and I have a review of it for you:

MAC matte finish DIVA shade
MAC DIVA lipstick

What MAC claims ?

For those who prefer timeless glamour rather than all-out flash, the sophisticated allure of matte reigns supreme. Now, M∙A∙C expands its offering of this classic suede-like finish with 12 new shades of Matte and Retro Matte Lipstick. These lipsticks promise a pop of color that will linger on your lips with impressive staying power.

MAC matte lipstick in the shade DIVA
MAC matte lipstick in the shade DIVA

How I felt about MAC DIVA ?

MAC DIVA really makes you feel like a DIVA and I instantly fell in love with the shade as well as the texture of it.

The lipsticks comes in the typical MAC's black casing which is really compact to carry it around. MAC lipsticks are a little difficult to identify when you have lots  of them, because all of them come in the black casing.

MAC lipstick cost in Singapore
MAC Matte Lipstick

The shade DIVA is a deep ruby / burgundy color which would not suit all Indian skin tones but it will suit all the skin tones from medium to fair. The shade is just ideal for Fall season and it is better to go with a simple eye makeup when you want to sport this shade.

Lipsticks for fall season
MAC DIVA - ideal for FALL

The texture of the lipstick is matte , but it feels so light on the lips that I feel so comfortable wearing a matte lipstick. My lips are generally dry but I did not feel any discomfort while wearing this lipstick. There was no need for any exfoliation too , but the only difficulty was during application. The matte texture makes it a little difficult to run it over the lips and apply it uniformly.The lipstick feels like a second skin and does not bother us in spite of being matte.

The MAC DIVA stays there on the lips like magic even after about 6 to 7 hours , even with lots of munching in between. It leaves behind a plum sort of a tint which is so beautiful.It does transfer on to cups if you drink something, 0but the staying power is so good that I do not have to worry about that.

I highly recommend this shade for the Fall Season.

MAC lipstick in Singapore Changi Duty free
MAC lipstick packaging

Ingredients :

MAc lipstick ingredients
MAC  lipstick ingredients

Price of MAC DIVA :

SGD 26.50 from Changi Duty Free .

Swatches & LOTD using MAC DIVA : 

MAC lipstick DIVA swatches
MAC lipstick DIVA swatches
NOTE : I have used a lip balm on top of it for a glossy look 

MAC lipstick DIVA on the lips
MAC lipstick DIVA on the lips

Me wearing MAC DIVA

MAc DIVa lipstcik swatch
MAC DIVA lip swatch

MAc matte finish lipstick in DIVA
MAC matte finish lipstick in DIVA under Yellow Lighting

MAC DIVA lipstick review & swatches
MAC DIVA lipstick review & swatches Under natural lighting

Pros of MAC DIVA :

1 : Such a pretty intense burgundy shade

2 : Excellent staying power

3 : Leaves a beautiful tint behind

Cons of MAC DIVA :

1 : It might not be suitable for all types of skin tones.
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