I am starting a Stay Fit Routine !

After battling weight issues for years, finally I have decided that I need some sincere steps to reduce my weight and stay fit. Weight gain happens so quickly before you even realize that you are actually putting on weight. Only when people who see you after a long time give you that Oh My God expression , that you realize you are no longer that fit person you were before. Of course, being fit was never in my dictionary since I was a whopping 3.75 kgs when I was born. My grandmother was indeed shocked to see such a big baby for the first time in her lifetime.

When several movies are currently being made to embrace yourself as it is, everybody would agree that it somehow brings our self confidence down when we see other fit people. If there are readers who feel I am wrong & we should love ourselves however we are, then you might not really understand what goes inside my mind when I see other fit people.

After all the various techniques that I tried, I finally have a few steps that would probably not make me a model but at least tone down my excess fat & make me confident.

1 : Do activities at home rather than sitting in front of the couch for hours. You can indulge in cleaning, laundry, making beds or whatever it may be.

2 : Make sure you walk at least for 30 to 40 minutes everyday. It would make you feel fresh & it improves your blood circulation.

3 : Reduce your portions but do not refrain from things you love to eat. The craving can drive you crazy , so if you love chocolates, buy one and eat small portions everyday.

4 : Go for a cleansing diet once in a week or once in a fortnight. I usually have just fruits on Thursdays till 6 pm & then break my fast with some light food. Though it is religious, it does help me cleanse my body.

5 : Avoid white sugar as much as possible . I have restricted my sugar intake these days and I am substituting dates syrup in my milk & raw sugar for my coffee.

6 : Eat healthy snacks when you feel you wan to munch on something, like Oranges or something which has lesser calories but can keep you full for some time. I have loads of fruits in my fridge & try to eat them whenever I have a craving for something sweet.

7 : If you ever feel sad or depressed, do not stay at home because this can make you eat more. So just step out & do some retail therapy to make you feel better.

8 : Reduce the intake of salt as much as possible so that your body does not retain lot of water.

9 : Drink loads of water because it can help you feel full and avoid unnecessary bites in between.

10 : Avoid egg yolks because your cholesterol level can go up.

11 : Avoid white bread and substitute with whole wheat bread because white bread can make you gain a lot of weight.

12 : Try to restrict consumption of processed food to once a week and do not eat out frequently.Even if you eat out, choose low calorie foods and stay away from junk as much as possible.

So these are the steps that I am going to be following & I shall give you an update few months later.
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