Skin18 Masks - Multi Vita Brightening Mask & Green Gram Mask Review

In continuation with my skincare regimen with Skin18 face masks, I have 2 new mask reviews for you guys today. Face sheet masks are like life savers because you can just wear them even while you are working at home (like how I am trying out the next one for review purpose while I type this).

Multi Vita Brightening Mask Review :

Skin18 masks are really great when it comes to a quick facial at home because they are so hassle free and takes very less time to give a clean, soft and glowing face. I tried the Multi Vita Brightening Mask from Skin18 and the mask served as a good moisturizer for my skin. The mask was so easy to use and I left it for about 30 minutes as I would normally do , with reversing sides after 15 minutes.

Multi Vita Brightening Mask
Multi Vita Brightening Mask Review

My skin felt soft, moist and glowing after the treatment and I did not face any kind of skin irritation while using it. I am regularly using Korean masks these days to prevent my skin from drying out and the scars are also kind of clearing out and I am having quite a well behaved skin these days.

I did not find any brightening effect as claimed by the mask , but I did enjoy the cooling effect it had on my skin and kept my skin fresh in this humid weather. I highly recommend such Korean masks from Skin18 because they are so affordable and they have lot of offers on their site.

Multi Vita mask is not a must buy from their masks , but do try the other variations and let your skin thank you.

Multi Vita mask ingredients
Multi Vita mask ingredients

Green gram natural essence mask:

The Green gram mask from Skin18 had a great smell and was quite refreshing when I pulled it out of the pack. The mask was however too flimsy and tore when I opened to apply it. I used the mask which claimed to give smooth skin on my husband because he has rough skin as a result of regular shaving.The mask is from the brand called Foodaholic and I totally loved the refreshing smell.

The mask was of average size and it was not big enough to cover my husband's face. I would have loved it, if it had a bigger mask covering even the neck portion so that it would create even effects for both the face and neck. The mask had a cooling effect on the face post usage and his skin felt quite soft and supple post usage. He liked the face mask and would love try it more often.

foodaholic masks review
Green Gram Mask from Foodaholic

Green Gram Natural essence Mask
Green Gram Natural Essence Mask

Green Gram Natural essence Mask Review
Green Gram Natural essence Mask
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