Aroma Essentials Calamine Sunblock Review

A Sunscreen is a very complicated product when it comes to buying it , because there are a lot of factors you need to consider while picking it up - the SPF number, whether it is waterproof or not , whether it would be suitable for your skin types etc etc. A sunblock helps in blocking harsh UV A & UV B sun rays that cause damage to the skin cells and prevents premature ageing of the skin.

I do not prefer if my sunscreen/ sun block is very oily/ shiny , but prefer it have a matte finish. I received one such matte sunscreen from Aroma Essentials & it has been a great product.

I have raved enough about Aroma Essentials in my previous posts & also in my monthly favorites video along with Krupa. For those of you, who are new to Aroma Essentials, you can check their Facebook page here :

Aroma Essentials Sunblock Calamine Review
Aroma Essentials Sunblock Calamine Review

The Sunblock has SPF 30 and the contents are Calamine, Sheabutter, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide.

Review of Aroma Essentials Sunblock : 

The Aroma Essentials sunblock comes in a small plastic, transparent container with a tight green colored lid.A simple yet fail proof packaging and it is quite compact & can be carried along with you in your handbag. 

Aroma Essentials Calamine sunblock SPF 30 review
Aroma Essentials Calamine sunblock SPF 30 

Texture & Application :

The sunblock is calamine based and gives a soothing effect when applied. It also feels slightly cool when applied, and it is kind of refreshing on the skin.It keeps your skin cool when you go under the hot sun. It smells of a calamine lotion and the smell fades away once applied. The sunblock gets absorbed within few minutes of application and feels totally dry & matte which I absolutely love.

Protection against Sun :

The sunblock has an SPF of 30 and it provides ample sun protection for at least 2 hours and the main advantage is that your arms or face does not have this sunscreen - sheen to it. My skin feels soft after I apply the sunblock and does not sweat like when I  apply some other sunscreens. 

A few drops of it is enough to cover the whole arms and it would last for about 
1 .5 months, if used every single day.

Price of the Aroma Essentials Calamine Sunblock :

INR 300 for 35 gms

Pros :

1 : Matte finish

2 : Soothes the skin

3 : Cools the skin once applied

4 : Protects your skin for about 2 hours against the sun.

5 : Has SPF 30

6: Contains Sheabutter

Cons :

1 : The strong calamine smell might not be appealing to everyone.

I highly recommend this sunblock because it does not cause any kind of skin problems & it has SPF 30.

The cooling effect on the skin is very pleasant & keeps your skin cool in the hot sun.

*PR sample but opinion is honest.

Aroma Essentials Calamine Sunblock with sheabutter review, price Bangalore
Aroma Essentials Calamine Sunblock with sheabutter 

Aroma Essentials Madhurima Bangalore India
Aroma Essentials Calamine Sunblock

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