Weight loss Meals - Vegetarian - Day 1

If you have already gone through my New year Resolutions, the first thing that I want to do is lose weight. I will be giving a realistic , achievable plan which has almost all nutrients required for us in a day. This is also what I eat in my life, on a normal day and so it has some South Indian food items which can be replaced with food of your choice.

I had also promised that I will be coming up with Diet plans , so here is the Day 1 Meal plan:

Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Vegetarian Edition

1 : At 7 am, have a glass of water with Amla juice. This helps in controlling hair fall & clears out skin blemishes.

2 : Drink about 2 glasses of water slowly in the course of 1 hour.

3 : At 8 am, have 40 gms of granola with nuts and about 70 ml of skimmed milk and top it up with a fruit of your choice. I chose pomegranate seeds. You can also have some Almonds and some flax-seed powder to this for your dose of good fats & omega 3.

Healthy breakfast ideas vegetarian
Healthy Vegetarian breakfast ideas 

Granola morning breakfast with flaxseed powder
Granola morning breakfast with flaxseed powder

4 : Drink about 1 to 1.5 liters of water in the next 2 to 3 hours.

5 : At 11 am, have a spoon of peanut butter . This helps in curbing sweet cravings as well as provides necessary protein intake.

6 : At 1 pm, have lunch which consists of 2 Chapathis & a cup of any vegetable subzi. 

7 : Drink 1 liter of water in the next 3 hours.

8 : At 4 pm, have your dose of caffeine be it coffee or tea(80 ml) with 2 Marie Gold biscuits or Rusks.

9 : Drink another 1 liter of water in the next 3 hours.

10 : Between 8 to 9 pm, have 3 Rava Idlies with 2 servings of Sambar(lots of veggies).

11 : Try to restrict the water intake after 9 pm.
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