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Styling a Black Lace Top
Styling a Black Lace Top

I have been driving my husband and friends crazy trying to find a perfect black lace top because lace tops are my favorites and they are timeless classics. I do not mind buying lace tops in all possible colors because I just love them so much and they make you look so sophisticated. After kind of finding a black lace top and failing in it due to bad fit, I was still on the hunt for the perfect black lace top.My husband had gone to the extent of asking his female colleagues who wore lace tops as to where they had bought it(Such was the desperation & situation at home). 

When you want something with your full heart, it would find its own way and come to you. I am a true believer of this and here I have my story to prove it to you. We were planning to head out to Orchard Road which is one of the biggest shopping streets in Singapore and there was a mall through which we had to exit onto the road. My husband wanted to buy a cup of coffee before we headed out and he had just gone into the mall whole I waited outside. he immediately called me saying that there was a sale going on in Dorothy Perkins and wanted me to check it out while he would go buy the coffee. By the time I could come to the mall and check out DP, he had already glanced through the dresses and found a black lace top and asked me to try it out immediately. I tried it out without any hope that it would fit and when I came out of the trial room, there he was standing with a face full of satisfaction and happiness that he need not bother his colleagues anymore and I would stop hunting every shop for a black lace top, yes, the fit was perfect and the top was just what I have always wanted.

I have styled the black lace with 2 different set of accessories and let us see the pictures now.

Styling a Black Lace Top with white pants
Styling a Black Lace Top with white pants

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White Handbag from Charles & Keith

Singapore beauty Blogger
Statement Necklace Bangkok Shopping

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Bangkok jewelry shopping - Statement Necklace

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LOOK 2 with a different statement necklace:

Styling white pants
Styling white pants

Styling white handbag
Styling white handbag with white pants

styling white statement necklace
Styling white statement necklace

Styling Black Lace Top
Styling Black Lace Top

Top: Dorothy Perkins

White Jeggings: Lifestyle, Chennai

Bag: Charles & Keith

White & Pearl necklace: Forever 21, Bangkok(LOOK2)

Gold plated Collar Type Necklace: Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok (LOOK1)

Footwear: Vincci, Malaysia

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Personally, the first one is my favorite because warm colors like Orange suits me better. I have worn an orange lipstick in the first look which compliments my tomato red footwear and orange jeweled necklace.
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