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Bugis Junction Street Shopping Haul

Singapore continues to top the World's Most Expensive City list and that too for expats, it is quite challenging. However, there are a lot of small things that you can do to save your money and still have a really decent life with family dinners, vacations, and even good shopping. Well, if someone really wants me to do a post on how we manage our finances , I really do not mind writing one , but since that is not of concern in this post, I am giving it a miss here.

Expenses have shot up in every other place I know and back in Chennai, it used to be quite challenging with both of us working but still not managing enough savings , after paying all the bills and rentals. Shopping was always close to my heart and I love jewelry & clothes, I mean which woman does not? People gave a wrong impression that things are pretty expensive in Singapore and I really cannot think of spending lots on shopping etc if we moved to Singapore. The reality - actually no, you do get a lot of good things even under a budget. If you read my previous post, I had mentioned about budget beauties from brands like H&M and Forever 21, but today I am going to talk about street shopping and not so known brands. I always feel that I want to talk so much before I get to the post, but who really has the time & energy to read all that in their busy lives. Blogging gives me immense satisfaction and you readers are my virtual friends and I would love to hear through emails if at all anyone has anything to share.

Next week, I am celebrating my 29th birthday which still feels like a dream to me and I still feel young and enthusiastic about life. I have done a major birthday haul which will come as a separate post and will be doing OOTD posts as well.

Disclaimer: This Bugis haul also is a part of my birthday haul and all of this was done in stages and not just in one day.

I am revealing all this because you guys can know what to expect in the coming days on the blog and hope you are excited as much I was when I did the haul. We are also going to travel on a small beach vacation next week and I am excited for that as well.

Coming to the post, Bugis Junction and the street market near the junction are pretty famous in Singapore when it comes to shopping. I see a lot of tourists always flocking there because of the good quality but really affordable stuff. In fact , I was one of them way back in 2013 and fell in love with the way street shops were organized. Street shopping is kind of misunderstood and always associated with college goers and tourists but even the others can find good stuff too.

I wish to split Bugis into different sections and show you the stuff that I bought there where the products are under or equal to SGD 19 or less(INR 950).Bugis junction is quite huge with 2 big malls and one gigantic shopping village where you can find tiny stalls with loads to shop and see.

1 SGD = 49 INR, so all the items that I have purchased here are less than INR 1000 each. INR 1000 is ideally not a budget amount but to be very frank, I cannot find good dresses below INR 1500 in Chennai and accessories for less than INR 100.

Bugis Village - Street Shopping:

There are numerous stores in this street market and the best place to look out for good quality clothes & accessories is the Princess Street which is one of the side lanes in the ground floor. I managed to grab a Bohemian White tunic for SGD 15 and some really good earrings from shops in this lane.

White & Blue Over- Sized  Boho Tunic
White & Blue Over- Sized  Boho Tunic

Earrings and Accessories from Bugis Junction
Earrings and Accessories from Bugis Junction

The flower earrings are handmade and cost 2 for 5 SGD and the 3 below ones are 3 for 5 SGD. The Victorian ones are my favorite in this set and I have been looking for such earrings for a long time.

From Dragon Lane, I got cute clutches for just SGD 5 and SGD 15 respectively and they are so chic and classy.On the 3 rd floor of the Bugis village, I managed to grab a pair of white sandals for SGD 10 which was an amazing deal.

Cheap handbags in Singapore
Blue Box Clutch and Red Hand Clutch

Cheap Footwear in Singapore
White Sandals from Bugis Street 3 rd Floor

Bugis Plus Mall:

TEMT Store: TEMT philosophy is about chic style, sophistication and this seasons “must have” item. Our passion is about capturing key on-trend pieces that are essential and affordable for creating signature looks for every occasion. 

This particular showroom had an awesome sale going on and I bought a few accessories and a skirt from here.

Bugis Plus Mall Shopping Guide
Accessories from TEMT Store

TEMT store in Singapore Sale
Skirt from TEMT stores in Singapore

The skirt is so comfortable and costs SGD 9.90 which was a great deal.

Bugis Junction Mall:

BHG: BHG is set to take consumers on a shopping experience that is truly unique and memorable. It aims to become the most preferred department store for consumers in Singapore.

There is a sale going on everywhere for the Great Singapore Sale and I got an abstract print multicolored top from this store called BHG for 19 SGD.

BHG Mall Singapore Sale Shopping
Abstract Print Multi Colored Top from BHG Mall Singapore 

Bugis Junction : Outside the BHG store, there was a small store called M2 accessories and there was a HUGE SALE banner outside. Things were pretty expensive there but I got a statement necklace for 11 SGD.

Cheap Accessories in SIngapore
Statement Necklace from M2 Accessories Singapore

My current obsession: Quirky printed dresses. I just add them to my shopping cart and then close the browser. I have been doing this lately and I sometimes hate my obsessions at times because it eats my time a lot. See you soon again with another HUGE HAUL post. Also obsessed with the RASAALI song from the movie ACCHAM ENBADHU MADAMAYADA.

Affordable clothes SIngapore
Affordable clothes Singapore

Affordable Accessories & Earrings in Singapore
Affordable Accessories & Earrings in Singapore

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