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how to style Bohemian outfit
Styling a Bohemian White Embroidered Top

If you had read my 'What I wore in Phuket' post, you would have known that I love Boho outfits and accessories. While pondering over my love for all things Boho, I just stumbled upon the fact that I had a white Bohemian top (that many of you requested to do an OOTD post about) lying around and decided to do a post for the readers who requested for it. I bought the white top during my visit to Bugis street and it was featured in the Budget Shopping in Bugis post here.

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Styling a White Boho Embroidered Top

Bohemian Bangles & bracelets
Bohemian Bangles & bracelets

I love how comfortable the fabric of the top is and it fits loosely, which is perfect for the summers. It also has this tassel that needs to be knotted which adds to the boho effect of the outfit.The white embroidered top also has this Indo Bohemian feel to it which was why I just picked it up when I saw it and had no second thoughts about it.I wore white bracelets and bangles that had beads and small shells attached and for earrings, I went for really long cream with black earrings that I felt tied the whole look together. I wore a comfortable pair of white strapped flats with embellished stones.

I wore this outfit to Orchard Road this weekend when we headed out for some shopping during the Great Singapore Sale. Zara has some great offers going on but the fitting room queue was pretty long,hence I decided to skip Zara. I might head to Zara sometime this week on a working day so that I can peacefully try them out and get some great deals.

How to stack bracelets/bangles
How to stack bracelets/bangles?

The bangles are from the brand Lovisa which is my favorite destination for junk/fashion accessories. I have stopped buying at their normal price these days because if I wait for a few weeks, the same product comes to the Sale counter(Wait ! I just told you my secret). I also stayed within the white, black, and blue color range , thereby choosing to pair it with blue jeggings.

Indo Boho chic look
Indo Boho chic look

Lovisa shell earrings in white
Lovisa shell earrings in white

The earrings are again from Lovisa and got 5 for SGD 15 which was a great deal.The earrings and bangles are from the same collection in Lovisa and are predominantly made of white beads and shells, which I thought was in tune with the Bohemian theme.

Indo boho look styling
Styling an Indo Boho top

Stay tuned for more OOTD & reviews on the blog.
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