Now buying cosmetics from The US is so easy with EZBUY website

I have always had a fascination for cosmetics from the US because of their good quality and affordable nature like MakeupGeek eyeshadows, Colorpop cosmetics etc. Fearing the shipping charges & customs charges, I always quit at the Shopping Cart stage. Similar is the story with buying clothes from Chinese websites which are also much cheaper than ones found in Singapore. I have tried decoding so many times and then finally given up hope because everything is in Chinese.To help resolve such issues and to also provide  very affordable shipping charges, we have EZBUY, which is a website that does the purchasing/shipping from USA, Taiwan, and China at a very affordable rate.

More about EZBUY :

ezbuy (owned by EZbuy Holdings Limited) is a dedicated provider of professional online shopping services.
Founded in 2010 by a group of aspiring entrepreneurs, ezbuy quickly rose to become Singapore’s first and largest overseas shopping platform. Introduced by Channel 8 news, Channel U Money Week, Straits Times and many other national media, 65daigou and its service become more recognized and popular.
As of today, we provide shipping service from China, Taiwan, USA for more than 500,000 Singaporeans, 50,000 Malaysians, Australians and Thai people.

Why to Shop from The Us when you have everything right here in Singapore?

Now this is a very debatable question!

Most of the makeup brands are US based and we will obviously get a good price when you buy them from the source.Certain restricted US brands can also be bought through ezbuy which is an added bonus. You are going to be bypassing so many stages by purchasing directly from the direct website in the US.

What is Ezbuy all about in more simple terms:

If you are looking to buy products from the US or from China at a cheaper rate and also pay low shipping charges, Ezbuy offers delivery to a local address in these countries,which will, in turn, be shipped by Ezbuy agents residing there to you. A great initiative, I would say and I am so happy now that getting things from the US , be it cosmetics or clothes ,  is going to be an easy task.

I am going to talk about buying cosmetics from the US which is one of the most interesting things for me , being a beauty blogger.

What is the difference between Buy for Me & Ship for Me?

With, you have 2 options to choose from:

1: Buy for Me

2: Ship for Me

Watch the Video Demo to Learn More:

In both the cases, the product would reach you at a nearby pickup point and you just need to go there & collect your order.

Which is cheaper & better?

Now obviously, each of the services was found to meet different purposes like 'Buy For Me' is going to help newbies to purchase their desired item, track the package and inspect it for them before shipping it to Singapore.The 'ship for me' is the cheaper option because you are going to end up paying less for this service because there is no agent fee involved. You are going to make a direct purchase from the website of your choice and ship it to the US address provided to you by Ezbuy. So both have their own advantages in different situations.

You will receive notification from Ezbuy once your product reaches the US address so that you can pay for the shipping as per the weight of the product and receive it in Singapore.

What are the Shipping rates from the US?

The shipping rate for products from the US is 3.99 SGD for every 500 gms. You can read more about the shipping rates here.

Key Pointers:

1: ezbuy offers repacking service for free : 

This was something that I found to be really interesting because they receive your product, check it, repack it in a way your product will be safer as well as much lighter.

2: ezbuy has the best shipping rate in Singapore :

Ezbuy does not have base charges or fuel sub charges which makes them unique and the cheapest in the country.

3: Payment can be made in SGD in ezbuy

Some merchants in the US might accept just US credit cards, at that point, you can choose the 'buy for me' option and make payment in SGD.

Overall, I am totally impressed with this concept and I am eager to try out their service as early as possible. 


1 : They are a growing website & I just wish they make their website faster loading.

2 : How I wish they soon start shipping from India so that I can buy clothes from brands like AND, Global Desi etc which I love.

What is Prime 2.99? 

Singapore Beauty Blogger Prime 2.99

Prime 2.99 is a set of products for which the shipping rate is a flat rate of SGD 2.99 for any parcel size & weight.

Ezbuy recently has a new service called Prime. Prime allows shoppers to enjoy a flat rate of SGD 2.99 for any parcel size, quantity & weight on Prime orders. Yes, no more worry and surprise of high shipping fee. You can enjoy more savings on your shipping fee especially if you are purchasing bulky orders such like furniture from Taobao which may cost over $200+. I know this sound crazy but you can check out their Prime service here

Download their Mobile App here, to enjoy shopping on the Go!

Here's a little gift for everyone! Register your ezbuy account using this link below and enjoy Free $10 Shopping Voucher. Happy shopping!

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