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Gone are the days when you have to make a booking at the salon, go and wait there despite making a booking,and get treated badly if you say you wish to do just a simple cleanup facial. The one sitting next to you who is doing a Skin Lightening Facial will be offered a juice and you just get water that too upon request. I am not generalizing this with all salons, but you have to accept the basic fact that this happens in most places.

To put all such perils at bay, we have here which is working towards offering you all types of services in the comfort of your home where you just need to make a booking and people will be there at your doorstep to serve you. not only offers Salon services at home but they also provide house repair services, pre-wedding photo shoots, Mehendi & makeup artists for your special day and so many other services too.

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But today , I am going to be talking about the Salon Services that they are providing because that is something that I am most interested in.I will include screenshots and explain it one by one so that it would be easy to understand and make your bookings.

How to go about making a booking on for getting a service done at home?

Once you have chosen to go ahead and try the Salon services at home, you can click on the icon.Then you will have to choose Individual Services or packages for availing multiple services.

Then you can ahead and choose the service that you wish to get done.

In the particular service that you have chosen, there is usually a set of options in different price ranges. You can choose the one that you find is suitable to you.

Once you have finished choosing the particular service, you need to select the date and time. If their professionals are busy on the particular date, a message will pop up saying they are busy on that date which enables you to choose another convenient date and time.

After the date & time are finalised, you need to enter the address and there you have just one more step to go.

You just need to make a confirmation and Voila you are done. You just need to wait for the professionals to arrive at your doorstep and pamper you.

Though I have not personally tried their services, I totally feel you can go and try them out because of their affordable pricing and the variety of services that they provide.
You can also download their Mobile App and make a booking using the App. The products used are from good brands and at the same time, you can get yourself pampered at your home which is so convenient for housewives. If you have a small baby to take care and at the same time you require some pampering, Urbanclap is of great use at that juncture.

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