Eating Healthy with ASaladCompany

ASaladCompany Vegetarian Food
ASaladCompany Vegetarian Food

I am enjoying a good break in Chennai at my mum's house and I would say there are a few things that I do miss about Singapore at this point. The comfortable walking pathways, the no honking smooth traffic and definitely healthier eating options. My locality in Chennai has numerous eating outlets but when it comes to healthier and cleaner options, I really wonder if I can count even 1. Of course, I do give in to temptations but sometimes when I really look for healthier options, I don't really find anything. 

Singaporeans are so health conscious and they constantly strive to eat a healthy meal & go for regular jogs. Healthy eating options would consist of stir fried veggies, soups, salads and wraps. Salads would not be boring and they would give you the opportunity to choose the ingredients which can range from raw veggies to even quinoa. 

Thanks to my friend Sreevarshini who came up with such an initiative in Chennai for those looking out for healthy lunch and brunch options. There are places which serve salads in Chennai too but when you have a twist to the old salad who does not want to welcome that?

Have a look at her FB page here & website here:

From ASaladCompany :

Healthy Lunch/Dinner Delivered to Your Office (or) Home!

‘A Salad Company’ delivers to your office (or) home a healthy and yummy assortment of lunch/Dinner every day. You can now forget your lunch box and subscribe to our lunch/Dinner plans!
So what exactly is “A Salad Company”
Here we are to serve you nutritious meal that is free from the following
  • NO MSG
  • NO DEEP FRYING (Now stop crying)
My opinion:

The salad that I got to taste was Vegetarian Caesar's Salad with a whole bunch of vegetables. It had onion, tomato, lettuce, capsicum, carrot, beetroot, boiled beans and cauliflower, cucumber and bread croutons with a homemade Caesar's Dressing without egg.

ASaladCompany Chennai Food Review
ASaladCompany Chennai - Salad

What more do you want for a sumptuous afternoon meal? I thoroughly enjoyed chewing on those crunchy vegetables with the fresh dressing that was prepared in a healthy home environment. I felt that the meal was complete with almost 7 to 8 vegetables and it kept my hunger at bay for about 3 hours.

I really liked the fact that the dressing was freshly made without the use of egg but it tasted really good in spite of that. The dressing was adequate to cover all the vegetables and was not overpowering. It is nice that they have fixed menu for each day so that you can have a variety as well as be prepared for what to expect each day.

My Recommendation:

Do try out their salads and go in for subscription packs to get good discounts and have a hearty, healthy, happy meal.

Eating Healthy with ASaladCompany
Vegetarian Caesar's Salad
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