Things I wish I could tell my Pregnant Self

Being a first-time mom is kind of scary I would say because your expectations versus reality do not match in any way and you seem to be losing a battle against your baby.When you have your second child you know what to expect and take things more lightly. This post is not to scare some new moms out there but just a fun post for those expecting their first baby.

1 : Sleep as much as you can:

I know this can sound a bit cliched but it is true to a great extent. During pregnancy, you would feel so sleepy but due to so many reasons, you would not be able to sleep. Post pregnancy you hardly get any time to sleep with night feedings, diaper changes etc. In the daytime, you would have other work like taking a bath, eating and your other house chores while the baby is sleeping or you get to use your phone :)

The Most Stunning Flowers of Singapore

Say hello to the florist that put the biggest smile on my face – A Better Florist!These guys, the bloom crew, handcrafts the blooms that made me smile instantly. Which is what flowers are all about right? Let’s cut the chit-chat and get right into why these guys are the best florist you’ll encounter in Singapore
First of all, the very first sight of their website instilled certain happiness in me. These bouquets aren’t similar to anything I’ve seen before, as they were so thoughtfully designed and put-together.

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