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Vegetable Bouquet in Singapore
Delightful vegetable Bouquet from FloralGarageSG

I am someone who puts in a lot of thoughts and efforts into getting gifts for the people around me. I consider their likings, things that they would need, things on their wishlist, things that would be useful to them and so on.
So what would we gift someone whom you do not know at a personal level and not really sure if they would appreciate the gift you give them? - A Bouquet.
Yes, bouquets are just the perfect and sophisticated gift that you could give someone.

When I was approached by Floral Garage - A Singapore based 2-year-old florists who offer innovative bouquets such as vegetable and fruit bouquets, I instantly chose to work with them and review their product & service.

About Floral Garage : 

We are a local online florist in Singapore for 2 years and ongoing, with a mission to encourage others to show love, care, appreciation and gratitude through the simple gesture of giving flowers. We pride ourselves on providing affordable products without curtailing on the quality.

Floral Garage offers Flower Bouquets(Freestyle bouquetPremium Freestyle bouquet, Vegetable bouquet), Flower Stands, Party Supplies, gift baskets, congratulatory stands and also hampers(chocolate hampers, fruit hampers, baby hampers, Chinese New Year hampers, get well soon hampers etc.) for various occasions.

Their contribution to the society :

Floral Garage Singapore aims to create as many collaborations as possible with the aim to aid a less fortunate community. Over the past year, we have helped raise funds for animal shelters, donated materials for flag days, and spent time with the old folks by conducting a floral arrangement workshop. 
These experiences have been highly enriching and eye-opening. It is a lot more than acknowledging, but also lifting a finger to help in our own backyard. 

Review of Floral Garage Vegetable Bouquet :

Why Vegetable Bouquet?

I chose to review the vegetable bouquet because it was something unique and I wanted to see how it would serve as a gift. Flowers are prettier but they would dry up in a few days but vegetables can be used by the receiver and would not be wasted.

The packaging of the  Delightful Vegetable Bouquet :

The packaging was extremely elegant, wrapped in a light brown paper and a cute bow attached.The vegetables were fresh and were pierced onto long wooden sticks to keep them in place and there were some leaves to give it a fresh look. It had about 5 to 6 varieties of vegetables consisting of carrots, baby cabbage, cauliflower florets, capsicum, broccoli florets, lemon, and radish.

Floral Garage Bouquet Review
Innovative VEgetable Bouquet from Floral GarageSG Singapore

Quantity & Freshness Level of the vegetables :

The vegetables were quite fresh and looked clean and colorful. Ideally, there were about 5 to 6 varieties of vegetables but the quantity was quite less. There could have probably been more cauliflower and broccoli florets to give a more complete look to the bouquet.

Fastest Delivery Florist in Singapore
Vegetable Bouquet Singapore

Delivery Process :

I had mentioned a particular time & date and the product arrived exactly in those hours which was amazing and there was no delay or waiting involved. 
Floral Garage specializes in same day delivery with just an additional $9.70. I was so impressed with how well they maintained the timings and I am sure I will choose their service for bouquets for their excellent delivery.

Floral Garage is striving to improve their service more and more and has recently introduced additional wedding services like Bridal Bouquets, Bridesmaid Bouquets, car decor and so on.

Price of the Vegetable Bouquet starts from SGD 49 to SGD 159.
They can be reached at Call(6282 2813) & email :

Pros :

1 : Fresh Vegetables

2 : Neat packaging

3 : Prompt Delivery

4 : Freestyle options available

5 : Website is very easy to use

Cons :

The vegetables could have been packed in a different way because I felt that the wooden stick was very sharp and personally found it tough to remove the veggies from that. The cellophane tape was stuck on the carrots and again it was quite tough to remove it.

Wedding Decor & bridal bouquet Singapore
Colorful Vegetable Bouquet

* PR sample but review is honest.
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