Thank you Blogging for giving me a good friend

chemical free skincare products Chennai
Skincare products from Amara, Chennai

My short-term goal for 2018 is to publish at least 2 blog posts a month. I know mother bloggers who are super active on their blogs or social media and I am here sitting down, dusting my laptop. So being a first-time stay at home mom is quite challenging as opposed to what I thought it would be like. I had imagined myself to be a super mom who would be such a pro with putting the baby to nap and blogging while sipping coffee.Finally, I ended up being such an anxious mom who would not budge from the side of my baby and would rather stare at her playing and not blog.

I have tried my level best to blog in between her naps but housework and chores keep my hands full all the time and the only way I would stay motivated is by writing down my ideas and tasks. I am so thankful for blogging for having given me some good friends and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Krupa for thinking of me while heading to the store and getting me such beautiful gifts which again kindled my interest into blogging.

I had been to Chennai recently for my baby's first birthday celebrations and I managed to catch up with Krupa from Ishtyleawhile and her super cool husband. She gifted me some handmade chemical-free skincare stuff from Amara skincare. The hamper had a colorful sparkle body soap and a yummy smelling face scrub which I got to use just once. I needed to keep soap intact in order to click pictures and I shall start using them both religiously soon.As for the first impressions go, the packaging looks lovely and the products smell divine and there is nothing chemical that I can smell of. 

This post is just to get back on my blog and to just get a hang of writing after such a huge break.See you all soon in yet another post....

Chemical free soap Amara
Sparkle Soap ad FAce Scrub

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