Weight Gain During and Post Pregnancy

You all might wonder, why all of a sudden there is a wave of blog posts related to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain in a mostly cosmetics dominated blog? It is just that I need to write down my experiences for me to remember in future and also sharing it to the world so that at least a few of them would benefit from it if not all - Remember, that was the sole purpose of why I started a blog - to give my readers some genuine insight into the cosmetics I tried and the places I visited.

Now, coming to the point, talking about my weight gain, I have always been quite on the heavier side and I made it a point to kind of bring down my weight before I got pregnant so that I will not look super gigantic when I am full term. I know this can sound funny for most of you but I was quite serious about this. My BMI has always been in the overweight category and hence I knew I had to gain less weight during pregnancy.

My Breastfeeding Journey - For those Genuine Readers

Acknowledgement: I owe this beautiful journey to certain people and to certain things without which this would have not been possible.

1 : My mother

2 : My Lactation Consultant

3 : Lactation Cookies

4 : A friend who gave her hospital grade pump

I also have to pat my back for the continuous efforts I took to breastfeed my child irrespective of all the challenges I faced.

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