Why Hair Dryers are a necessity...

It is common human nature not to cherish the little things in life that are important , but to always go hunting for things that may not actually be of use after sometime. We tend to invest in things that may not be of use to us and it might be lying somewhere without serving any purpose at all. 

However these are small things in our daily life that adds a lot of value to us :

1 : Air conditioner
2 : A mixer grinder 
3 : Vacuum cleaner
4 : A hairdryer

These are some of the things that add a lot of value to us but we never show them the gratitude and always take them for granted. We do not maintain them well and only if they are not around or they fail to work, we realize their importance. Our heart and soul is being used to buy some products like a mobile phone or some other new gadget which is definitely a must have according to us,  but we do not give the same importance to these 4 items in the above list. 

We have recently shifted our house the place comes with air conditioners in all the rooms. So I shifted my attention to other 3 items in the list. 

Let me take some time to talk about my hairdryer today which is a big boon to me - Braun Hairdryer (the best hair dryer brand) that I have known. I recently also purchased a brand new Vacuum cleaner (Xiaomi Roidmi Vacuum Cleaner ) and Preethi Cosmo Mixer Grinder. You can check the review for the Mixer Grinder on my YouTube Channel to get more details. 

Braun Satin 3 hairdryer Courts Singapore Review
Braun Hairdryer Satin 3 Review

Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel Review

I am a big fan of the Korean brand Innisfree and one of the best product that I have tried from Innisfree is the Wine Peeling Gel. Innisfree has this amazing concept of recycling where you can drop off an old container and get $1 off of your new purchase. Most of their tube and containers can be dropped off , so I always make sure that I do not throw them away and recycle them.

How I switched to the Peeling Gel from the usual scrub for a clear, glowing skin?

I recently read this article where scrubs can be too harsh on the skin and wanted an alternative to remove the dead skin cells from the face. I stumbled upon this awesome product when I was browsing through the aisles in an Innisfree store. The Store assistant explained about the effectiveness of the product by showing a demo on my forehand and I realized how it removed the dead cells. I quickly grabbed it, went home to try it out and was mind-blown by the results.

Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel Review
Innisfree Wine Peeling Gel Review

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