Hair Keratin treatment - Is it worthy or not?

I have suffered all my life with my curly , frizzy hair and I got to try the Brazilian  Keratin Treatment last December, 2019. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life although it is not a permanent treatment. 

I did the Keratin treatment from a salon called Zulu Style which is located in Little India,Singapore. I had read sufficient reviews to convince myself of the treatment, of the place & finally I went ahead.

The treatment done was Advanced Keratin treatment since my hair was extremely frizzy & curly. The entire process took about 4 hours and the products used were absolutely chemical free. The end result was magical and they said my hair would turn a bit wavy after the first wash and not remain very straight unlike straightening treatment. The smell of the Brazilian Keratin was not very great and there were several rounds of treatment like a hair wash, followed by application of keratin, then straightening the hair using an iron, then again washing and followed by a serum.

Before Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment Benefits

Hair Keratin Treatment

Frizzy hair taming

Hair Keratin to do or not

The cost of this entire treatment was SGD 499 which was way too expensive,but  was it all worth it? 

On a side note, I was given a free Keratin Conditioner from a brand called KerageniC.

Let us find out :

I did the treatment in the end of December, 2019 and was asked not wash or tie my hair for the first 3 days post treatment( which is pretty tough if you live in a place which has tropical climate). I somehow adhered to the rules and washed my hair on the 4 th day(you can still choose to delay if you wish to),and found that my hair turned a bit wavy post drying.

I was pretty excited looking at my hair since it was easily tamable and fuss free. This lasted for pretty much 3 months in-spite of me travelling to India and using different water to wash my hair. I , however carried a tiny travel sized keratin shampoo & conditioner with me during my trip and did not use any other hair product.

After the 3 month mark, the hair started slowly turning frizzy near the roots but it continued up until 6 months mark although my conditioner ran out at 5 months and I resorted to using keratin conditioner from other brands.After 6 months, however, the roots & the ends are completely frizzy but the middle portion however still remains straight currently in August, 2020.

I will definitely go in for another round of Keratin Treatment since it made my hair look glossy, less frizzy and I did not have any additional hair loss as against hair straightening which many people dread.However, the price is pretty expensive and I might go in for a cheaper salon next time.

Here are the products that I have tried during this treatment period :(Unfortunately I do not have the KerageniC conditioner container)

Hair care products for keratin treatment

Best shampoo & conditioner for keratin treated hair

Giovanni Shampoo & Contioner Review

Products that I loved :

1 : Tresemme Shampoo

2 : KerageniC Conditioner

3 : Salt Free Shampoo from Cameleo

BEst salon for keratin tREATment Singapore

Advanced hair keratin treatment Singapore

Products that did not work :

Giovanni Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner : It made my hair very dry .

Tips for long lasting keratin treatment :

1 : Use room temperature water for rinsing the hair

2 : Use salt free shampoos

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