My Skincare Journey with IDS Skincare - My first Visit & Consultation with the Doctor

Following a Skincare Regimen has always been a bit tough for me as I always get distracted midway. I never stick to the original routine and always stop or switch over to another brand which I know is a horrible thing to do.

IDS clinic Singapore

I was invited to try out the Skincare products and I am going to be sharing my first experience with them. I visited their International Building which is their flagship store and it was magnificent with a lot of consultation rooms and plenty of staff who can attend to you. All the safety protocols were followed as per the Covid 19 Safe distancing guidelines , which was a big tick from me.

I was asked to register and then had to wait for a while to meet my Consultant Doctor  Dr. Ben Yim. The doctor checked out my skin and asked my health history and if I had acne breakouts during my teenage years. He also checked about my family history for acne and concluded that my skin is extremely acne prone and hence prescribed skincare products to address those concerns. I have huge pores on my cheeks & stubborn acne marks that he felt needed immediate attention.

IDS Aesthetics Clinic International Building

These are the products that I was given by the doctor's assistant and I need to use them both in the morning and at night for a month before my next visit. She gave very clear instructions as to how to use them and the order in which it has to be done. 

Skin doctor Singapore

Introduction to the products :

IDS Skincare Aesthetics Singapore

Skincare products from IDS Singapore

IDS Skincare Review SIngapore

1  : Facial Scrub :

To be used twice a week at night to remove all the dead cells from the face. This is not a physical exfoliator and it is gentle on the skin. My face felt very smooth & soft instantaneously.

                 facial Scrub Usage

2 :  Delicate Toner

This works to close the pores and also to remove any left over impurities in the pores.

               IDS clinic toner

3 : Pore Formula

This helps to reduce the impurities in the pores and to tighten the pores. The tea tree oil in this product has a mild tingling sensation which lasts for about a minute.

           IDS Clinic Pore Formula

4 : X4 & BA 12 

This is for the acne scars & the tiny bumps on my face.

5 : Blemish Clear : 

This is again to reduce the bumps on my skin.

                Blemish Clear IDS Clinic Treatment

6 : Oil Free Moisturizer :

This is to ensure that my skin doesn't dry out while using the various products and to reduce oil secretion which will make it more acne prone.


7 : Tinted sunscreen with SPF 50 :

A mildly tinted sunscreen which can be your one stop for busy days because it decently covers spots & also provides SPF 50 protection.

IDS clinic International Building Orchard Road Review

Array of their Different Skincare Products

My Before treatment Picture taken on 21 /12/2020

Me waiting at their clinic

Their lovely ambience

Please visit to know more about their products or visit to learn more about your skin. 
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