What is a Derma roller & how is the treatment done ?

Correcting Skin Issues the Dermaroller Way

When you want to treat skin problems, you have a lot of options. Some of the obvious ones include lasers, intense pulsed light, micro dermabrasion, and chemical peels. Another option that you may not have considered before is micro-needling, or Dermaroller treatment. Dermaroller can certainly treat a lot of skin issues, but before you can compare it to other methods you need to know how it works. Before you can understand that, you have to be aware of what is going on with your skin.

Why Your Skin Looks and Feels the Way it Does

There are a number of reasons why skin can develop problems, and there are also a number of skin problems that can develop. For example, you might have wrinkles, but you could also be struggling with acne outbreaks, sun spots, or dry skin, among other things.The main reason why skin problems develop, particularly when you get older, is the natural aging process itself. Hormones, healthy proteins, and other skin-reinforcing components are not produced as much by our older bodies as they are when we are younger. So, it's not surprising if you are noticing skin problems at age 30 or older that you didn't see in your 20s. 

Of course, lifestyle and habits can also impact skin health. Smoking, eating a lot of unhealthy foods, not exercising enough, and not getting enough sleep can all aggravate skin problems. So can spending too much time in the sun or exposing your skin to other outside influences, like chemical-filled products.

Why Lasers and Other Treatments May Not Help

Dermaroller is not the only way to treat these skin problems. There are pieces of both clinical and home use laser equipment for sale that treat skin issues, and other cosmetic treatments are also options. However, many of those treatments are only designed to treat specific problems or certain types of skin. If you find that you don't qualify for some of those more specialized treatments, Dermaroller might be a better option.

A Dermaroller Appointment from Start to Finish

Before you decide to go in for a Dermaroller procedure, you should know what to expect from your appointment. First, the area you want treated will have to be numbed with an anesthetic cream or gel. Once it is numb, the technician will begin rolling the hand-held device over your skin. The device will be studded with lots of little needles. The size of the needles depends on the specific procedure that you have.After the technician is done, they will use sterile gauze to stop any bleeding or oozing, which is natural after Dermarollers are used. Then they should give you very specific aftercare instructions to help your skin heal quickly, and without the risk of infection.

What Type of Dermaroller Treatment to Have

One final thing to consider is that clinical Dermaroller treatments vary. You will need to find one that is best for treating your specific problem. The biggest variation is in the fact that the needle sizes are different depending on the treatment. If you have a mild skin problem, you could try using a home micro-needling kit instead. It all depends on your needs and preferences.

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