Things I wish I could tell my Pregnant Self

Being a first-time mom is kind of scary I would say because your expectations versus reality do not match in any way and you seem to be losing a battle against your baby.When you have your second child you know what to expect and take things more lightly. This post is not to scare some new moms out there but just a fun post for those expecting their first baby.

1 : Sleep as much as you can:

I know this can sound a bit cliched but it is true to a great extent. During pregnancy, you would feel so sleepy but due to so many reasons, you would not be able to sleep. Post pregnancy you hardly get any time to sleep with night feedings, diaper changes etc. In the daytime, you would have other work like taking a bath, eating and your other house chores while the baby is sleeping or you get to use your phone :)

The Most Stunning Flowers of Singapore

Say hello to the florist that put the biggest smile on my face – A Better Florist!These guys, the bloom crew, handcrafts the blooms that made me smile instantly. Which is what flowers are all about right? Let’s cut the chit-chat and get right into why these guys are the best florist you’ll encounter in Singapore
First of all, the very first sight of their website instilled certain happiness in me. These bouquets aren’t similar to anything I’ve seen before, as they were so thoughtfully designed and put-together.

Life Update and the reason for being away from my blog

I know it has been ages since I even took out my laptop and the reason for that is the arrival of my baby girl. Yes, she has been keeping me busy and I literally had to dust my laptop today and here I am sitting in darkness, while she is sleeping next to me to type this blog post.
My little bundle of joy arrived on 18 th March 2017 and we have named her Anokhi. She is doing fine and has started sleeping through the night which is great. I plan to share my birth story in a separate post when I get time. Pregnancy as well as Motherhood has been treating me well and I am so thankful for that.

I have the support of my family and hence I am able to manage things well and I am thankful for them as well. I am not sure if I would share her photos so soon on the blog or social media and I have not really decided on that as of now. 

I also plan to start a new section on the blog for Parenting / Motherhood for all the parents/ mothers out there. Being a first time mom is not easy and I have been quite paranoid for everything and wish to overcome that fear soon. 
As for my beauty blog is concerned, I would write as and when I have time and Bye Bye for now.

Loreal Paris Color Riche Lip Liner Couture in the shade Berry Blush Review, Swatch

Loreal Paris Lip Liner India
Loreal Paris Lip Liner India

We at times do not realise the importance of certain objects till we really come across certain situations, where we cannot function without them. A lip liner is one such thing whose benefits I realised only after becoming a makeup artist. While applying makeup for clients and that too when it has to be long staying, a lip liner pencil plays a very important role. It acts as a good base and prevents the lipstick from bleeding and it defines the lips really nicely.

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