Australian Cosmetics Australian Zeolite Detox Mask & Aqua Recovery Daily Moisturizing Vitamin E Cream

Covid 19 has definitely upped my self care game and I have my weekday & weekend skincare regimen set which I totally adhere to. I am quite happy about how my skin has definitely improved in terms of scars and pigmentation but there is still a concern over acne and blackheads.

Even though I have dry skin , there are certain factors like excess sweat (due to the humidity in Singapore ) and the face mask that is contributing to accumulation of dirt inside the pores. Although my facewash & hyaluronic acid face exfoliator can definitely help, there is nothing that can beat the age old clay mask to take out the dirt & grime.

Now let me introduce you to a brand that specializes in Zeolite clay from Australia.

Australian Cosmetics Zeolite Mask
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Australian Cosmetics Zeolite mask & Vit E cream
Australian Cosmetics Zeolite Mask & Vit E Cream

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