Azafran Innovacion launches home care vertical Azafran Home – Green & Clean

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Company forays into this segment by introducing India’s 1st plant-based  liquid laundry detergent - Tropical Breeze; Plans to launch hand washes, home fragrances, and organic candles soon

·         Made from naturally derived, plant-based ingredients, Tropical Breeze - 6 in 1 Eco-friendly liquid laundry detergent caters to all laundry needs and ideal for machine as well as hand wash

·         Company will tie up with Aditya Birla Retail – More hypermarkets, Reliance Smart Store, Spar, Hypercity and Metro Cash & Carry for its Homecare vertical

·         Azafran has its own facilities near Sanand in Ahmedabad which includes its own organic farms, large greenhouses, manufacturing facility and dedicated R&D center.

·         Company has been awarded the USDA, ECOCERT stamp of approval for its organic farm-land and its production facility certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, WHO and GMP

Bengaluru, February 28, 2018: Staying with the commitment of developing products that are eco-friendly, Azafran Innovacion Limited - an integrated personal care company has launched its home care vertical Azafran Home – Green & Clean. Company forayed into this segment by launching India’s 1st plant-based (coconut based detergent) liquid laundry detergent and is planning to come up with more products such as hand washes, home fragrances and organic candles soon.

Set up with a concept of ‘Farm to Home’, Azafran Home – Green & clean products are made using sustainable and natural ingredients which are safe for people as well as the planet. The company is in talks with Aditya Birla Retail – More Hyper Markets, Reliance Smart Stores, Spar, Hypercity and Metro Cash & Carry among other modern retail outlets for this division.

Speaking about this launch, Mr. T.R Suresh, Business Head, Azafran Innovacion Ltd said, “Available in exotic Tropical Breeze fragrance, the liquid detergent is the first offering from Azafran Home and the company will be launching more such innovative, natural products in coming months. This product is specifically formulated keeping needs of a mother, a working woman and a housewife in mind. The powerful action of the detergent is tough on the stains, while also being gentle on the clothes and the environment.”

Made from naturally derived & plant-based ingredients which are free from dyes, Tropical Breeze - 6 in 1 Eco-friendly liquid laundry detergent caters to all laundry needs and ideal for the machine as well as hand wash. Developed from certified organic ingredients, grown in its own farmland near Sanand, Ahmedabad, company’s innovative range of products are devoid of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. Tropical Breeze removes tough stains, eliminates unpleasant odors and works as a natural fabric conditioner. This eco- friendly detergent is also suitable for baby clothes.

Commenting on the trends, Mr. Elkana Ezekiel, Non-Executive Director, Azafran Innovacion Ltd said, “Our products are made without any compromise on quality and fulfilling our commitment to the environment. The company seeks to provide simpler & more sufficient way of living - a higher quality of life, toxin-free homes and more time spent in nature. Organic living is an established trend in developed countries and the concept is fast catching up in India with consumers opting for organic products for daily life. Our strength lies in the ‘Farm to Home’ concept where the entire process of growing ingredients, processing and making the products, all are done at our own facilities.

What I wore for my Maternity Shoot

Pregnancy Photoshoot Chennai
Outfit from Pantaloons

Pre Wedding Shoot was something that we did not have and I have always wanted a casual couple's shoot. I always looked forward to having a maternity shoot and it was a dream come true for me. We did our maternity shoot with Nevervoid Photography and the shoot took place in ECR, Chennai with the beautiful beach and a beach house as the backdrop.

Our photographer allowed us to change 3 outfits, however, we decided on 2 outfits because it can get quite tiring when you are 31 weeks pregnant you see.

Innovative Bouquets for your loved ones - Floral Garage Singapore Review

Vegetable Bouquet in Singapore
Delightful vegetable Bouquet from FloralGarageSG

I am someone who puts in a lot of thoughts and efforts into getting gifts for the people around me. I consider their likings, things that they would need, things on their wishlist, things that would be useful to them and so on.
So what would we gift someone whom you do not know at a personal level and not really sure if they would appreciate the gift you give them? - A Bouquet.
Yes, bouquets are just the perfect and sophisticated gift that you could give someone.

When I was approached by Floral Garage - A Singapore based 2-year-old florists who offer innovative bouquets such as vegetable and fruit bouquets, I instantly chose to work with them and review their product & service.

Things I wish I could Tell my Pregnant Self - Part 2

After the response, I received for the first post (click here to read), I am here with the part 2 of Things I wish I could tell my Pregnant Self.Of course, you can also say that I am learning new things each and every day and I could come up with more such posts. To be honest, being a mom is really tiring with a clingy 4 months old(yes, the reality has just hit me), but at the end of the day when you recollect all the lovely smiles, the hugs, and the little coos, you tend to forget everything.

I am assuming that my baby is going through the most dreaded 4 months sleep regression/ growth spurt/ developmental milestone all together and praying every day that this too shall pass. She wants to be held by me all the time, fed all the time and has also developed stranger anxiety and separation anxiety so early. So I literally hang out with her 24* 7 excepting the bathroom breaks.I am hoping that this is just a phase and will get better. Thanks to babywearing that I can at least step out of my house for a while to get some fresh air else being restricted inside 4 walls with a clingy baby is extremely exhausting and overwhelming.

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