Khadi Naturals Products Haul, Review- Video

Here is the video of the Khadi Skincare & HairCare Products in Tamil

Natural delivery or assisted delivery - EPIDURAL, to use it or not?

What is happening to my blog? Is anyone even reading it? Will anyone even remember me? 
I really do not know. But I still have lots of passion towards improving my blog and its content when I get time.I would still continue to pen down my thoughts and my heart out whenever possible. 

Why have I deviated from doing a makeup/review post to something like EPIDURAL on a lifestyle blog? Its because being a woman you would at some point decide to have a baby and childbirth is a life changing experience. I really wish to share my thoughts on the myths and thoughts involving EPIDURAL so that any mom to be, out there can benefit from it.

Cashback Buddy Extension from Shopback

Cashback Buddy Shopback

Being a stay at home mom taking care of a toddler all day is not an easy task and it drains you a lot. At least for working women, you get to see your colleagues and have a change of scene, but for a SAHM things get worse as the day progresses when you have a clingy toddler and chores piling up. Online shopping of groceries and other food supplies are somethings that provides a much needed respite from the daily monotony.

Love for Tassel Earrings

My love for fashion accessories will never ever end and in fact, it keeps growing day by day. Tassel Earrings are the Go To option now and they are super versatile, going well with Indian and western outfits.
I just love how boho they look and elegant at the same time. Tassel Earrings are a super duper hit among the office goers too since it transforms mundane workwear into a different level altogether. Here are some of the tassel earrings I own and How I styled them :

Styling tassel earrings
Tassel Earring Collection

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