MUA(Makeup Academy) Heaven & Earth Eyeshadow Palette - Review, Swatches

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette Review, Swatches

I spend hours together sometimes looking for the right makeup product. This process is seasonal.. Seasonal?? Yeah, I suddenly look for only foundations and I read many blogs, reviews & buy foundations. This phase lingers for about a month. Next starts the eye shadow fever and then something else will crop up for sure.. Is this normal? Who knows but I am happy at the end of the day.

Today I bring to you a very affordable eyeshadow palette with lovely neutral shades – MUA Heaven & Earth Eyeshadow Palette. The name of the palette is so unique and the colors range from pale highlighters to dark brown. As you might have read it here, I got this palette as a gift from my brother from London..

MUA Heaven & earth eyeshadow palette review & swatches, MUA Heaven & earth review
MUA Heaven & Earth Palette Review

MUA Heaven & Earth neutral shades swatches & review
MUA Heaven & Earth Neutral eyeshadows

MUA Heaven & Earth Packaging: 

When I read about the MUA Heaven & Earth in other blogs , I had a completely different picture about it. It looked quite big but in person it looks very sleek, small & travel friendly. The product comes in a plastic black casing with a transparent lid where the colors are clearly visible and it is extremely light-weight. It contains a two-sided sponge tip applicator which looks very flimsy & will not be of any use to us.

Makeup Academy London Heaven & Earth Palette
MUA Heaven & Earth Palette Colors

MUA Heaven & Earth Ingredients List :

Mua Heaven and Earth Ingredients List
MUA Heaven and Earth Ingredients List

MUA Heaven & Earth Colors & Pigmentation:

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette looks, MUA Heaven & Earth Palette VS Urban Decay
MUA Heaven & Earth Palette - Swatches

The palette has 12 neutral shades that are buttery smooth in texture and are pearl or shimmery finish. There is not a single matte color in the palette. The shades do not have a name , so I am referring to them by numbers from the top left corner of the palette.

Color No 1 : A pearl finish cream color which can be used as a highlight color for browbone & tear duct area.

Color  No 2: A peachy bronze shade which I think would look great on my Indian skintone. It can be worn as a single color for daily office wear or even for a party.

Color No 3: A pretty antique gold shade which slightly looks like olive green but is actually an antique gold when applied.

Color No 4: A beige shade with peach undertones. The pigmentation of this shade is very poor and can be a good highlight color.

Color No 5: A pretty jewel toned dark brown shade and I am in love with this shade. Such a pretty brown that can work as a crease color.

Color No 6: A perfect Indian gold shade that can work wonders as a single all over lid shade or in combination with browns.

Color No 7: A coppery brown shade but the pigmentation has let down this shade.

Color No 8: A taupe shade that can work as a good transition color in the crease and the texture of this shade is very soft.

Color No 9: An excellently pigmented beige shade with cool undertones which makes it more or less a silver shade.

Color No 10: A cool toned  light brown shade which might suit pink undertone skin.

Color No 11: A pretty chocolate brown shade that can be used as a single color.

Color No 12: A dark brown shade with a lot of glitter particles which can be used for a glamorous eye makeup , but the pigmentation is poor.

MUA Heaven & Earth Price and Staying Power:

MUA Heaven & earth Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches- MUA Heaven & Earth swatches under natural light
MUA Heaven & Earth Palette Under Natural Light

The MUA Heaven & Earth palette can be purchased in the following links :For those in the UK - Priced at 4 pounds

For those in India - Priced at INR 799

The price of the product is so affordable when compared to other palettes available in India with lesser number of colors. For beginners it is such a good palette with all neutral colors.

The staying power of the shadows is quite good even without a primer. It stayed without smudging for about 4 hours for me. With a primer underneath, the colors are more prominent & the staying power increases. The fallout is minimal.

MUA Heaven & Earth Swatches of all shades :

Colors of MUA Heaven & Earth eyeshadow palette
Swatches of MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

 Simple EOTD using MUA Heaven & Earth:


Pros of MUA Heaven & Earth Palette :

  • Affordable dupe for Urban Decay Naked 
  • Simple neutral colors for daily wear
  • Good texture & pigmentation
  • Sleek & Travel friendly
  • Staying power is good

 Cons of MUA Heaven & Earth Palette :

  • Sponge applicator provided is flimsy. 
  • Could have had a mirror. 
  • Shade names could have been included to make it more interesting. 
  • Some shades are less pigmented.
  • Some matte shades could have been included to make it a complete package.

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