NYX Single Eyeshadow ES 109 SUNRISE Review,Swatches

Nyx Single Eyeshadow 109 Sunrise- Review & Swatches

This is my first experiment with NYX eyeshadows.I have read from several blogs that NYX offers equivalent shades & quality eyeshadows as MAC but at a lesser price. Hmmm.. that's interesting..So lets find out if all the hype around it is true or false... ?

NYX Single Eyeshadow Review-NYX Cosmetics
NYX Single Eyeshadows- Review & Swatches

About NYX Single Eyeshadows :

  • Delivers intense color, silky-smooth application and long-lasting wear
  • Finely milled powder formulation glides on like cream
  • Unmatched selection of colors and textures

Finishes : Shimmer, sheer, glitter, frosty, metallic and matte.

NYX Cosmetics-NYX Sunrise Eyeshadow Review-Eyeshadow Review & Application
NYX Single Eyeshadow- Swatches

NYX Single Eyeshadow - Look & Feel : 

The product comes in a cute square shaped black colored plastic container with a transparent lid.The shade number & name is printed at the bottom.The packaging looks quite sturdy unlike several eyeshadow singles or quads. It is so handy & travel friendly.The packaging gives an effect that there is so much of product present inside the container.. Let us find that out in the size section.

NYX Single Eyeshadow 109 Sunrise Review Swatches
NYX Single Eyeshadow- 109 Sunrise

NYX Single Eyeshadow Quantity & Price :

Net weight of the product is 2 gms & the price is Rs 300 on But I got this from London & it costs 2.99 pounds. 

You can read about my London Cosmetics Haul here. 

The quantity seems quite promising for the cost.I feel it would last long due to the good pigmentation of the eyeshadows.

Color – NYX Single Eyeshadow 109-Sunrise:

Sunrise is a pretty reddish pink shade with minute golden & silver glitter particles. It cannot be used on ordinary days or to office. The name gives a tropical effect…. the shade too is one such.. For INDIAN BRIDES NYX Single Eyeshadow in shade 109 Sunrise can be a good choice especially for peach colored Lehengas or sarees.

NYX Sunrise- Under Natural Sunlight- NYX frost eyeshadows - NYX Single eyeshadow review
NYX Sunrise under the Sun's rays :)

NYX Single Eyeshadow Sunrise Color Pay off, Staying Power & Texture :

The texture is neither soft nor is it very chalky but it somewhere in between. The glitter particles tend to fall out after a while, & only a matte effect is created. The pigmentation of NYX single eyeshadow Sunrise is very good and a single swipe gives decent color pay off. The staying power of eyeshadows always increases with primer underneath & it doesn’t smudge for several hours. So I always use a primer. It need not be a very costly primer, it can be a BB cream as well or a cream based eyeshadow. Without primer the staying power is quite less and it can get smudged easily.

Swatches of NYX Single Eyeshadow in the shade 109 Sunrise 

Without Flash : Under natural daylight

NYX Single Eyeshadow 109 Sunrise-Review & Swatches-Under Natural Light
Swatches of NYX Single Eyeshadow Sunrise Under Natural light- Single Swipe & Multiple Swipes

NYX Eyeshadow Review-NYX Cosmetics-NYX Eyeshadow Swatches
NYX Single Eyeshadow 109 Sunrise- Swatches Under Natural Light

With Flash:

NYX Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow Sunrise swatch under flash light
NYX Sunrise Swatches under flash light
NYX Single Eyeshadow : Eye Swatch - Simple EOTD

NYX Single Eyeshadow 109 Sunrise Review Swatch- EOTD- Eyemakeup
SImple EOTD using NYX Sunrise

NYX single eyeshadow 109 sunrise swatches on eyes eyemakeup

Pros of NYX Sunrise :

1 : Good pigmentation
2: Affordable and offers good quality
3: Wide variety of colors & finishes available
4: Can be a substitute for MAC eyeshadows.
5: Sturdy packaging

Cons :

1: Sunrise cannot be worn on normal days or to office though brides to be can consider it..
2: The glitter particles tend to fall out, always use a primer underneath for better color payoff & staying power.

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