Brides of the World inspired Eyemakeup Series - Part 1- Arabic Bridal Eye makeup look

The title looks so complicated, but the concept isn't.. Its very simple.. Yes.. it was a lazy Sunday afternoon when this idea suddenly struck me. I actually wanted to do only Brides of India like Malabar Gold & Diamonds ad & started with a Tamil bride look at first. I don't know what really went wrong in the middle, it turned out to be an Arabic kinda look, then I decided to change the concept as Brides of the World and do some modifications to the look to make it an Arabic Eye makeup.

Let us look at this inspiration picture & see how to create this :

Arabic makeup - Arabic eye shadow tutorial
Arabic Bridal Eyemakeup 
 My Final Look :

golden black eyeshadow tutorial, golden eyeshadow tutorial
The finished look

Step 1 :

Moisturize your eye area and apply a primer so that the eyeshadow stays intact for a long time.

eyeshadow primer application-eyeshadow tutorial
Apply Primer

Step 2 :

Apply a bright gold eyeshadow to the inner 3/4 th of the lid.

arabic inspired eyemakeup tutorial-arabic eyemakeup
Gold eyeshadow in inner 3/4 th of lid

Step 3 :

To create an intense look in the outer 1/4 th as well as the crease, I mixed several colors so that it reflects different color under different lighting.You can use any dark brown color in the outer 1/4 th area. I used a reddish pink shade & applied a chocolate brown on top of it for a burgundy kind of color. Similarly apply these eyeshadows in the lower lid as well and blend the colors.

eyeshadow application tutorial-arabic eyeshadow tutorial
Pink eyeshadow in the outer 1/4 th of lid

arabic glittery eyeshadow tutorial
Brown eyeshadow in outer lid 

Step 4 :

Take a matte light brown or a nude color eyeshadow in a blending brush & blend the outer edges so that there are no harsh lines. Use a wind shield wiping motion.

arabic eyeshadow tutorial-arabic golden eyeshadow look
eyeshadow blended

Step 5 :

Use a highlighter shade under the browbone area.

highlighting the browbone-arabic eyeshadow tutorial-arabic dramatic eyemakeup
Highlighting the browbone

If you feel you can stop with this step, you can finish off with eyeliner,loads of mascara and have a simpler version of the look. See the pic below :

Arabic inspired eyemakeup look-dramatic arabic eyemakeup tutorial
Simpler eyemakeup look

Step 6 :

In order to achieve the glittery golden Arabic look, continue these steps,

Apply a transparent lipgloss on the center of the lids & let it dry.

arabic inspired eyeshadow tutorial-arabic makeup
Intensify the look

Step 7 :

Take some glittery eyeshadow or pigments( I used Barry M Dazzle DUst Gold Pigments) on yr hand & tap a brush on to the glitter & pat it on the area where you applied the lipgloss.

Glittery golden eyeshadow tutorial
Barry M Dazzle Dust

Arabic bright glden black eyeshadow tutorial
Tap the loose pigments on the lid

Step 8 :

Use a matte black eyeshadow in the outer V & extend it slightly to the crease area.Blend again using the blending brush. 

Step 9 :

Curl the lashes & apply mascara. Those who wish can apply false lashes too for the dramatic look.

Eyelash curling method-arabic makeup
Curl your lashes

Step 10 :

Fill in your brows nicely.. Arabic look has almost perfect brows.. 

Intense dramatic arabic eyemakeup, golden black eyeshadow tutorial
Fill your eyebrows

Finished look : 

Arabic eyemakeup-arabic bridal look

Clean the excess fall outs & ta da.....
Dramatic Arabic eyemakeup
The final look

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