Introducing New Section in the Blog - My handmade jewelry - For Sale

I am extremely thrilled to start a new section in my blog - Jewelry. I make necklaces & earrings from beads in my free time and I thought why not try posting it on my blog. So here is my first one....

A combination of coral beads(of course not original), Tibetan beads and pendant priced at Rs 1100 including courier charges.

Coral and Tibetan Beads Jewelry
Coral, Tibetan Bead Jewelry

Indian Bead Jewlery

Beads Jewelry for Sale
Close up of the Tibetan Pendant
Price of this set including Courier Charges : INR 1100

How to buy ?

  1. This sale is only within India.
  2. People interested to buy this can leave a comment below and block it.It will be on a first come first serve basis.
  3. I will reserve it and get back to you with my bank account details, so that you can transfer the money within 3 days.
  4. Once the payment is received, I shall courier it to you & send the details through mail. 
  5. If that person drops out, I shall contact the second person who has left a comment.

Hope the steps are simple.. 

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