MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches & EOTD for Valentine's Day

Well girls, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I am sure all of you will be hunting for a good dress to wear & pair it up with good makeup too.Here comes our savior- MUA Poptastic Palette with 12 bright, popping colors to accentuate your eyes & give a glam look.So I am going to review MUA poptastic Palette & give a small EOTD so that people can recreate it on Valentine's Day..

MUA Poptastic- MUA Poptastic Palette- MUA poptastic palette review
MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette

First Impression of the MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow palette :

MUA palettes are sleek, light-weight but nonetheless sturdy too. In fact I dropped it when I took it to write this review, but no visible damage has been caused. It comes in a black plastic casing with a transparent top cover to have enough glimpses of the bright colors. It is even smaller than my new Samsung galaxy Note 3 mobile. The colors are bright, popping colors with no matte shades & predominantly more blue shades.The finish ranges from pearl to shimmer and is ideal for evening/party/summer wear.

MUA Poptastic Palette Review
MUA Poptastic Review

MUA Poptastic Shades :

Mua Poptastic Palette Review
Mua Poptastic Shades

Shade 1 : A deceiver at first sight.. It looks a lot more louder in the palette, but turns out out to be a pretty pearl finished purple/lavender shade.A shade that is so wearable & can be worn as a single lid color too.

Shade 2 : A light blue shade that almost looks like a matte shade but it has very very minute glitter particles.When applied this shade is a bluish golden duo chrome shade that looks very pretty.

Shade 3 : A glittery yellow gold shade that can be a good highlighter but the pigmentation as well as staying power is not very impressive.The color does not show up that easily and we need to build up or probably use a wet brush for better color pay off.

Shade 4 : I felt this was the best shade in the whole palette - a rich jewel toned purple to look at but actually is a bluish purple shade that has equal amounts of both colors & reflects them beautifully when applied.

Shade 5 : An ideal gold shade with decent pigmentation that can act as a good lid shade & would go well with any other shade in the palette.

Shade 6 : Well now I really have to praise this shade for its pigmentation - such a pretty silvery pastel light blue duo-chrome shade that can be used as a liner when u wear pink or green eye shadow.It will really make your eyes pop.

Shades 7-12 are really pretty shades that are a mix of pastel colors & jewel toned colors and are very well pigmented.

MUA Poptastic Swatches
MUA Poptastic Palette Swatches

Shade 7 : A green apple/minty green shade that can be paired with blues or pinks.

Shade 8 : Hot pinks are very attractive for lipsticks, but will it be good on the eyes? Shade 8 is a bright hot reddish pink that works wonders when applied even as a single lid color & can also be applied on the center of the lips to add glam to yr lips this Valentine's day.

Shade 9 : A copper sulfate blue that can again act as a liner if preferred but might not be ideal as a lid color.

Shade 10 : A bubble gum pink shade that looks more of a matte finish & can be ideal for night outs.

Shade 11 : A royal blue shade with tiny shimmer particles that can go in the outer V of the eye.

Shade 12 : A jewel toned dark blue that can be a dupe for MAC Deep Truth.

MUA Poptastic Swatches :

Mua Poptastic Swatches
Mua Poptastic Swatches

EOTD using MUA Poptastic Eye shadow palette :

MUA Poptastic Palette Review
EOTD using MUA Poptastic

I used shades number 1 & 4, and some matte black eyeshadow to create this look.

 Price & Availability- MUA Poptastic Palette :

4 Pounds in superdrug -

INR 799 from

Pros of MUA Poptastic Eye shadow Palette :

  • Sleek packaging
  • Comparatively cheaper than other eye shadow palettes
  • Creamy texture
  • Pretty shades(I just love the colors) though I am not too bold to wear them out.

Cons of MUA Poptastic Eye shadow Palette :

  • Too many blues... Yes I know I am a bit selfish.. I want more pinks.. It really flatters Indian skin tones more than blue.
  • Could have had matte finish shades.
  • The applicator is very flimsy.

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