Trip to Paris & Switzerland Day 4 - The Pantheon, Eiffel Tower

Hint Hunt Paris

Though there a lot of attractions to keep the first time tourist happy while in Paris , we had decided that we would also try to squeeze in some time to try out something different while in Paris, something we had not done before.
So while searching for some interesting things to do in Paris, Hint Hunt Paris was something that was highly recommended in Tripadvisor , and after our visit we can clearly see why.

Hint Hunt Live Escape Game Paris
Hint Hunt Paris - at Rue Beauborg

Hint Hunt Paris Live Escape Game tripadvisor rated no 1
Hint Hunt Paris- A really interesting escape game

L'Oreal Paris Superliner Gelmatic Eyeliner in Deep Brown - Swatches , EOTD

Product Manufacturers should also consider the fact that there are some girls who do not to like to show as though they have worn any makeup although they love makeup due to various reasons. let me take my own example, I work in an organization where I am the only female employee in the technical team and I prefer subtle makeup everyday. The men are mostly geeks & I do not feel comfortable wearing a lot of makeup.

I have been wanting to buy a Brown liner for a long time and finally got an opportunity to lay my hands on the Loreal Paris Eyeliner Pencil in Brown. There was an offer in Lifestyle that when you purchase products for INR 1200 , there was a 20 % discount. So I made use of the discount and bought the Loreal Paris Matte Moist in Lincoln Rose.

L'Oreal Paris Superliner Gelmatic Eyeliner in Deep Brown
L'Oreal Paris Superliner Gelmatic Eyeliner in Deep Brown

About L'Oreal Paris Super liner Gelmatic Eyeliner in Deep Brown: 

Super Liner Gel Matic has a pen-precision, the rich intensity of a gel and is 100% smudge proof.
Gel Matic comes in a twist up pen format with pen precision making it easy to apply and glide over your eyes.
The product is created with an exclusive formulation of ingredients and is designed to last for up to 12 hours giving an intense matte color pay off.

Diwali Outfit, Jewelry, Makeup ideas with a LOTD

When I was in school, the one festival I used to wait for was Diwali!! So many factors contribute towards this excitement. Sweets - especially mom made Gulab Jamun, gifts from family, new dress and also wearing it to school. Nowadays , Diwali has become a quiet affair in my life. But now since I started my blog -every shopping I do has gained some importance and also keeps me motivated. 

So here I am with a LOTD for Diwali.. I will not be wearing this on Diwali day since I have a new saree to wear. But this could help some of you who might be looking for some festive dressing ideas.

I wanted to take beautiful pictures but it has been raining continuously in Chennai , so please excuse the dull lighting in the pictures.

Dress: From Rangoli, Chennai

festive diwali makeup
Festive Look

Loreal Paris Moist Matte Lipstick in Lincoln Rose - Swatches & LOTD

Diwali is around the corner and its all about fun, happiness, colors and lights. We ladies do not need any reason for shopping and that too if its Diwali there is no second thought. There has been lot of shopping happening for a wedding that I have to attend next month. So the result - I am very happy!!
I know this is a very late buy & post - but this is apt for the season & festival. The Loreal moist matte range has done enough rounds in the blogosphere(wanted to use this word for you know so many times- finally).
I got it only now & I did not want to delay the post. I picked up the shade Lincoln Rose which is apt for the festive season.

Loreal Moist Matte Lincoln rose lipstick swatch & review
Loreal Moist Matte Lincoln rose lipstick 

Getting funky on the Nails !!! - Maybelline Colorshow Nail colors Kiss me Pink & Denim Dash

Its raining Giveaways in my life- Its the monsoon season in Chennai & its monsoon for me too even inside the house  !! Strange but true.. But for a change its raining cosmetics for me.. Yes I won 2 giveaways last month in a row and I am so happy. 

The first giveaway was conducted by Poonam of along with Maybelline. I won a Maybelline Colossal Kajal in Teal Blue & 2 Maybelline Color Show nail colors in Denim Dash & Kiss me Pink.

maybelline alia bhatt giveaway
Things I won in Maybelline Alia Bhatt Giveaway

Fab India Lemongrass Facial Spray Review

How many of you like waiting at the Airport Lounge? Though I love travelling, something that I do not look forward to is the waiting time in airports.I get this strange feeling inside me while travelling, you can call it fear of flying too !! This fear builds up a lot during this waiting time.

To divert myself from all this I try to roam around the Duty free Shops - what more can entertain a girl , that too a beauty blogger!!! Something that I picked up recently during my Delhi visit is this Fab India Lemongrass face mist. I love citrus flavors a lot in food as well as perfumes & was quite intrigued by the word Lemongrass.

Now lets read my experience with Fab India Lemongrass Face Mist:

fabindia lemongrass facial spray review
fabindia lemongrass facial spray review

fabindia lemongrass facial spray price
fabindia lemongrass facial spray packaging

Trip to Paris and Switzerland- Day 3 Part 2 - Rue Du Commerce, Champs Elysses and Arc de Triomphe

Rue du Commerce

Paris is famous for shopping and we wanted to visit not the touristy shopping streets , but something the Parisians usually visit. We had heard of a the shopping street named Rue du Commerce which is famous among the Parisians and we wanted to give it a try as it was on the way back from Palace of Versailles .

Paris Street Shopping
Rue Du Commerce, Paris- A great Shopping street

MABH Hair Oil - Hair growth Challenge Announcement

Lancy from had announced a hair growth challenge on her website & I received a mail from her too for the same after reading my post regarding MABH Hair oil experience.

You can find out more about this Hair Growth Challenge Here

You can read the detailed conversation we had in mail here :

Wow Lancy, this is like a boon for me now !!! I was planning to order more & do monthly posts on my own even without knowing you too had similar plans.
I am in :) By doing the challenge, I will be motivated to take care of my hair regularly & do post on this too because sometimes I lose motivation :(

To give you an insight about my hair : 

It is very curly, frizzy, dry(before) - now improving, split ends(trimmed it before I started using MABh oil & till now no split ends), mild dandruff in the crown portion alone, hair fall, less volume & thin hair
One good thing about my hair - since its curly it shows as though I have voluminous hair.

Shampoo I use : 

Biotique Protein Hair growth shampoo & Bio seaweed conditioner.I cannot use Sheekakai since I get an allergy like eye irritation or sneezing.

Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturizing Light Cream Review

It was during my trip to Paris & Switzerland I realized how much I needed a moisturizer in my life. I felt really bad for having neglecting it in my travel kit.
I have dry skin with oily T zone and it got even worse when I went to Switzerland.My skin started getting flaky all over especially around my nose & cheeks.
I had only my MAC foundation with me & I could not use it since it was matte finish & my face felt stretchy & dry. I stopped using foundation completely in the trip and used only a moisturizer that I bought from Paris in a much needed situation. 
Now let us see if the Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturizer is worth investing or not?

Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturiser Light Cream review-Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturiser Light Cream Price- Bioderma Hydrobio Moisturiser Light Cream effects -Moisturiser for face
Bioderma Moisturizer

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