Fusion Dressing for a Fusion Wedding

The interesting fact about a fusion wedding is how the couple juggle between customs & costumes(like the u & o in these words) within minutes !!! I attended one such wedding recently where the Bride was a Bengali and the Bridegroom a Malayali !! Interesting combo right...

The events that we attended were the Haldi ceremony , Wedding and the Reception. Dresscode was set and it was freestyle for both Haldi & the Reception, but it was either a Kerala Saree or a Bengali Saree for the wedding.
I opted for a fusion look for the wedding with a Kerala Saree & Bengali type makeup.

LOTD for Haldi/Mehendi Ceremony :

friend's wedding outfit
What I wore for the Mehendi/Haldi Ceremony

Indian outfit ideas for parties
My makeup and outfit for Mehendi function

Indian Haldi/Mehendi ceremony functions
I cant smile properly- Ignore that look!!

Outfit : Kay, Chennai
Earrings : Thailand Exhibition
Lipstick : Sephora SR 34

LOTD for the Wedding :

Eyemakeup using MAC Amberlights

Maybeline Brick Rose lipstick

jewelry ideas for friend's wedding
Jewelry that I wore

Fusion dressing

Gold jewelry for a wedding
Jewelry ideas for a traditional attire

My traditional saree

Outfit : Kasavu Kada, Cochin
Necklace Set : Emmanuel Silks, Cochin(Not Gold)
Bangles : Gold from GRT, Chennai
Lipstick : Maybelline Brick Rose
Maroon Bangles : Prince Plaza, Chennai
Watch : Titan Raga
Clutch : Singapore
Eyeshadow : MAC Amberlights

LOTD for the Reception :

My Outfit for a reception

Blue eyeliner with neutral eyemakeup

All the matching jewelry I wore

Outfit : Kay, Chennai
Earrings: From an exhibition in Hyatt, Chennai
Bangles : Prince Plaza, Chennai
Necklace : Estelle Jewelery
Footwear : Kobbler 
Eyeliner : Blue powder eyeshadow on top of Maybelline Black Gel Liner
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