MABH Fast growth Hair oil Hair Growth Challenge : Month 1

Rainy season has kind of started taking a toll on my hair. I am experiencing hairfall and I am really thanking MABH oil for controlling hair fall. My previous winters/monsoons were bad, I used to lose hell a lot of hair & now its comparatively good. I am giving hot oil massages once a week so that my hair does not become dry.
There are a lot of new short hair protruding out of my head .. Kind of like Einstein!! I am waiting for all this to grow out & add volume to my hair.

I am really impressed with MABH oil because this time it has definitely curbed my dandruff. Though I did not observe the reduction in dandruff during the initial months of usage, now my dandruff has considerably reduced.

In fact during winter/rainy seasons my dandruff has always increased and I am happy that my dandruff has reduced this time due to MABH oil.

This time my hair length has not grown much but the dandruff has reduced (almost gone) and the hair fall due to rainy season has reduced.

My hair has never been longer than this before, after this length it starts to get thinner at the ends.So I usually chop it off when it reaches this level. But this time since I am taking up the hair growth challenge, I will not cut my hair & use MABH oil regularly & see till where my hair grows.

Diet & Life Routine :

My diet during this period was just normal with additional protein intake everyday. I was travelling out of Chennai quite a lot and my oiling cycle had changed a bit and sometimes I could not keep up with the schedule.I hope to compensate that this month.

My Hair Growth Progress :

Monthly hair growth progress

The volume has definitely increased and my hair looks healthy these days.

My present hair length

Changes I noticed in my hair :

  • My hair looks shinier than before
  • It looks healthier than before
  • It has become extremely soft
  • My dandruff has almost vanished.
  • Have not developed split ends till now.
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