An eye shadow every Indian girl must possess - MAC Expensive Pink - Review, Swatches & EOTD

There was a time when I used to browse through eye shadow swatches hours together to find the right rose-gold shade eye shadow for weddings and other Indian functions. Then I found the shade to be MAC Expensive Pink but it did take a lot of time for me to make up my mind to buy it.

We do keep buying small stuffs that adds up to the cost of a MAC eye shadow but somehow when we have to shell out in bulk for a single product , our mind says NO !! Strange but true :) 

Why is MAC Expensive Pink so apt for Indian wear ?

The shade is an ideal combination of gold and pink which reflects gold sometimes and rose under different lighting.Most of the Indian ethnic wear has gold in it so MAC's Expensive Pink will not be too jazzy like a pure gold eye shadow and it is the perfect shade with pink and gold undertones. It suits our skin tone nicely.

MAC Expensive pink eyeshadow review
MAC Expensive pink eyeshadow review

MAC Expensive pink eyeshadow for Indian brides
MAC Expensive pink eyeshadow for Indian brides


Highly-pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well.

MAC Expensive Pink in my opinion :

The eye shadow comes in the usual MAC refill packaging which is quite
difficult to depot. I got it done at the MAC store and bought the 4 colors eye shadow case for storage.

I got MAC Amberlights along with this one. These 2 colors can work really great for brides, especially South Indian Brides since it goes along really well with silk sarees. The eye shadow is finely milled and feels so soft - in fact you can work with your fingers if you want to use it as a single color on your lids. Its so easy to blend even with fingers but I would recommend a good blending brush(review coming soon) so that it looks really refined.

The shade is a beautiful rose-gold shade and reflects gold under some lighting and pink under some lighting. It has got mild shimmers which brightens up the eyes but does not look overdone at the same time. It will suit most of the Indian skin tones and it brightens up the eyes instantly. It awakens dull eyes and looks understated yet elegant on us. It makes your eye makeup natural yet bright.

The pigmentation of the eye shadow is excellent and one layer is enough for everyday wear. The staying power of the eye shadow is about 5 to 6 hours without a primer and can definitely improve with the use of a primer or by dusting some talcum powder on top of the eye shadow. It does not crease even a bit and there are no fall outs while applying the eye shadow. 

MAC Expensive pink eyeshadow  swatches
MAC Expensive pink eyeshadow in the Pro palette

PRICE : INR 750 for a refill


1 : Extremely fine powder and soft to apply
2 : Easy to blend
3 : Pretty shade suitable for many skin tones
4 : Good staying power even without a primer
5 : No fall outs

MAC Expensive pink eyeshadow India
MAC Expensive pink eyeshadow India


1 : Need a palette in order to store this(palettes are expensive)
2 : Might not show up on pigmented eyelids.(you may need multiple swipes)
3 : Expensive pink is expensive


MAC expensive pink in all is a must try eye shadow from MAC and it is definitely worth the investment !! Go on a shopping ban for 2 months and invest in this. I am sure you will feel happy later.


MAC Expensive pink eyeshadow price in India
MAC Expensive pink eyeshadow swatches

MAC Expensive pink eyeshadow for Indian bridal eyemakeup


MAC Expensive pink eyeshadow EOTD
MAC Expensive pink eyeshadow EOTD
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