Dunkin Donuts now in Chennai

I started blogging only because I wanted people to see whether they are investing wisely in products that they like. Only after I started blogging did I know , that bloggers play an important role in influencing the readers quite a bit. 

Why am I saying all this ?

Brands consider us (bloggers) as a positive way of influencing the market & customers and tie up with us by either giving us samples for review or by inviting us for their new launches, so that we can bring them to the notice of the common public.

I was invited to attend the launch of Dunkin Donuts in Phoenix Mall,Chennai and I must admit it was the most brilliantly organized event. In India, food has always been a mode of showing love and definitely Dunkin Donuts fed us si much that I think I needed to run around  the mall at least 10 times to burn the calories.

dunkin donuts chennai
Dunkin donuts Chennai launch event arrangements in Phoenix Market City

Dunkin donuts chennai address
Donuts available in Dunkin donuts Chennai 

dunkin donuts menu
Dunkin Donuts Chennai outlet

The CEO of Dunkin Donuts Mr.Dev Amritesh was a such a cool, down to earth person and he was explaining to us the importance of QSR(Quick Service restaurants) and how DunkinDonuts was different from the other QSR outlets.

CEO of Dunkin Donuts Dev Amritesh
COO of Dunkin Donuts Dev Amritesh

DunkinDonuts Chennai launch Phoenix MarketCity
The Chefs behind the great food at Dunkin Donuts

Foods that we got to taste :

DunkinDonuts have taken enough care to see to that even vegetarians were fed equally well and they have quite a lot of vegetarian items on the menu.

Items on the Menu that I got to taste : 

Crunchy Joe veg : A burger that has a crispy bun and is priced at INR 49. One of the tastiest burger I had in Dunkin and it is so affordable. 

crunchy joe veg burger
crunchy joe veg burger

The Naughty Lucy Burger Veg : Veg patty with a lot of veggies and a mango sauce which was the best sauce I have ever tasted.

Naughty Lucy veg burger
Naughty Lucy veg burger

Not So Wicked Veg Wrap : Soft paneer with fresh veggies, nachos and mango sauce again. 

Spiked Iced Tea : Ice tea with a mix of sweet and spicy Indian spices.

Spiked Iced tea at Dunkin Donuts
Spiked Iced tea at Dunkin Donuts

Jamaican Rum & Almonds : Espresso coffee with rum syrup,vanilla and whipped cream.

Dunkaccino at Dunkin Donuts
Dunkaccino at Dunkin Donuts

Donuts arrived at the end :

dunkin donuts nutrition
The various donuts at DunkinDonuts

Death by Chocolate : Chocolate all the way ! - Inside out.. with variants like dark chocolate on the inside and normal chocolate on the outside.

Ugly Strawberry : Strawberry donut

It’s a Mistake! : Guava sauce with some chilly flakes. So innovative !!!

There are a lot more varieties of donuts in the menu for everyone's taste buds. Honestly I wanted to taste some caramel variant since I am a huge fan of caramel donuts, but it was not available on that day since it was just their soft launch. 

dunkin donuts coupons
Dunkin Donuts counter

I was really impressed with the Paneer Wrap, Spiked Iced tea and their Dunkaccino (Jamaican Rum & Almonds).
Every single variant here that I have listed had an equal counterpart on the Non veg menu and my friends enjoyed it a lot.

I am really thankful to Sindhu of, for letting me know of this and for arranging for the invite. I had super fun at the launch event with great food and met all the bloggers from Chennai!!! 
DunkinDonuts have a great menu to suit the taste buds of Chennaites and I personally feel their burgers are really good. You can have a wholesome quick meal at affordable prices which is really good.

CEO Dev Amritesh of DunkinDonuts
COO Dev Amritesh of DunkinDonuts with the Donuts

chennai beauty blogger
Chennai beauty and lifestyle bloggers

They gave the bloggers a pack of 6 donuts and coupons for free donuts for 365 days on a minimum purchase of INR 49. They do have a lot of exciting offers on a day to day basis.

Dunkin Donuts is located at the lower ground floor in Phoenix Market City, Chennai.

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