It's raining Earrings and Necklaces - Traditional Jewelry Haul

In all my blog posts, I have either directly or indirectly mentioned that I love accessories so much and it defines me as a person. I am an accessories hoarder, no doubt, but I do use them and they last a lifetime.This is a long pending post as I did not find time to click proper pics of the new traditional jewelry that has joined my collection. Of course, there have been a few posts on the blog where I have even worn them , but I need to give them some due respect by featuring them separately for the love I have for them.

I would like to divide the haul into 2 sections :

1 : South Indian Terracotta jewelry : I bought 2 terracotta sets and one jhumka from a direct seller in Pollachi, TamilNadu. I came to know of her through a friend and placed my order by sending sample pic to her through whatsapp. I had ordered a necklace & earrings set from her prior to this and I have worn it here.

2 : Chandbalis & Jhumkas : You can read the story behind this here.

Pictures of the Traditional Jewelry that I bought :

Set 1 : Blue and Gold Terracotta set 

Price : INR 800

terracotta jewelry designs
Blue terracotta jewelry 

terracotta jewelry online India
Traditional terracotta jewelry design

Set 2 : Red and Gold Terracotta set with Jhumkas

Price : INR 1350

terracotta necklaces designs
terracotta necklaces in red and gold

terracotta necklaces designs online
Red and Gold terracotta necklace

3 : Lotus Jhumka

Price : INR 350

terracotta jhumkas online
terracotta jhumkas  in green and pink

terracotta jhumkas  design traditional
terracotta jhumkas 

4 : Chandbali Earrings 

Price : INR 1200

Chandbali earrings online
Chandbali earrings bought in an exhibition

chandbali earrings how to wear
Me wearing chandbali earrings 

5 : Gold and Purple Jhumka

Price : INR 450

Gold and purple jhumka online
Gold and purple jhumka design

Gold and purple jhumka traditional style
Gold and purple jhumka traditional style

how to wear traditional style gold jhumka
Me wearing traditional gold and purple jhumkas

During these months , I also received few jewelry for review which I have featured here & here.
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