Styling a Sari - Tips and 3 Looks

Accessories can either make your outfit pop or let you down depending on how you use them wisely along with your outfit.A saree can be a tricky outfit because it really needs accessories to look complete and at the same time you cannot go overboard, due to the richness of the saree itself. So here I have compiled 3 different looks for you using the same saree , but with different set of accessories,  which can definitely make you look confident & gorgeous.

My outfit details : 

Look 1 with Saree : Tracing Traditions with Terracotta

Saree : Kora Silk Saffron Color saree from Tulsi Silks, Chennai

Terracotta Jewelry Set : Bought from a seller in Coimbatore (Read More Here )

Bracelet : ConfusionsFA (Read More Here )

Footwear : Metro

Eyemakeup Details :

Faces Canada Long wear eye pencil in Solid Black on upper lash line (Review coming soon)

Plum Goodness Khol on lower lash line (Reviewed here)

Faces Canada Glam on Mascara(Review coming soon)

Lips : Inglot Lipstick shade 103 (Reviewed here)

tips to style a saree
Tips to style a saree

how to wear terracotta earrings
Terracotta earrings

Saree styling tips
How to accessorize a Silk Saree

terracotta jewellery designs
Terracotta Necklace

saree lookbook
How to accessorize a plain saree

footwear for saree
Footwear for saree

Tips to style saree : 

1 : If your saree is simple, go for elaborate jewelry designs.

2 ; If your saree is of a single color, choose a blouse color that compliments the saree color. I have worn a cream colored blouse with self design to avoid monotony.

3 : Compliment your jewelry color to the saree color and do not wear same color on top the saree color. Your jewelry will be camouflaged and it will spoil the outfit.

Look 2 with saree : Just Jhumkas & Beads

Jhumka : From Mint street, Parrys Corner

Beaded necklace : ConfusionsFA (read here)

accesorizing a saree
Beaded Jewelry on me

earings for saree
Antique Gold Jhumkas

necklaces for sarees
Beaded Necklace

traditional jhumkas online India
Traditional Jewelry for saree

how to wear Indian jewelry
Minimal accessories for saree

Look 3 with saree : Wearing Stylish New Generation Jewelry for Saree

Earrings & necklace : ConfusionsFA (More here )

How to style a saree
Stylish jewelry for saree

how to wear a sari indian style
Combining Traditional with Modern

how to wear a sari for beginners
Traditional Saree with a Modern Twist

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