Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol Review, Swatches and FOTD

Though pencil liners finish up quite easily as against liquid liners that stay with you forever , these days I prefer to buy pencil liners because you get to experiment with different brands,  since there is a  need for buying new ones often. Moreover pencil liners have this multitasking option too - they can be used both on the lower waterline and on the eyelid too.

You all might have read lot of ravings from bloggers about the brand Plum Goodness . For those who do not know or have not heard about it - Plum Goodness was started in the year 2013 by a chemical engineer based out of Mumbai and he believes yoga is the best invention ever in India. He uses all natural products as ingredients and the products adhere to International standards.

Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol True Black review
Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol True Black 

Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol in true Black
Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol in true Black

Read more about them here :

What Plum claims about their Angel Eyes Khol pencil : 

100% natural kajal, especially for sensitive eyes & skin

Do your eyes hurt each time you use kajal or liner? Is your eyeliner causing a sticky, irritated feel on your eyelids? Chances are, your eyes are sensitive to the ingredients in your kajal/liner. 

Day after day, the tender areas of your eye and skin absorb everything that's in your kajal. Shouldn't your kajal be safe and all-natural? 100% natural Angel Eyes true black kohl kajal with no synthetic dyes, preservatives or other chemicals. Ultra-soft, creamy formula made from jojoba oil, macadamia oil and soothing chamomile extracts. Experience India's #1 chemical-free kajal pencil for sensitive eyes & skin. 

♥ Heavenly soft texture cushions your eye. All-day irritation-free wearing comfort.
♥ 100% natural formula. Free of synthetic preservatives, dyes & fragrances. Suitable for contact-lens wearers, those with sensitive eyes, and everyone looking for an everyday chemical-free kajal.
♥ Rich "True Black" color with excellent coverage & long-lasting application. However, it should be noted that this is an all-natural kajal meant for inner eyelid application. While a 4-6 hour stay can be expected in most cases, a fully smudge-proof or water-proof performance is not guaranteed.  
♥ Soothing chamomile extracts, hydrating jojoba oil & nourishing macadamia and mango-seed oils for soft, nourished skin.
♥ Excellent skin compatibility, suitable for sensitive skin.
♥ Dermatological approved.
♥ Encased in a beautiful wooden pencil crafted from sustainably grown Weymouth Pine wood (FSC certified).
♥ Natural Vitamin E antioxidant. Helps against ageing of skin.
♥ Finished product not tested on animals.
♥ Made in the EU and conforms to US, European and Japanese regulations. 

chemical free kajal in India
Chemical free kajal in India, Plum Goodness Khol

Jojoba oil

Pronounced “ho-ho-ba” oil, jojoba oil is a skin-compatible naturally occurring “goody” that PLUM loves. Because it resembles the natural chemistry of sebum on skin, it has excellent healing and moisturizing properties to keep your eyes shining through the day.

NOTE : JOJOBA - I only remember Steve Martin in Pink Panther 2.

Macadamia oil

Rich in antioxidants, including squalene, a naturally occurring antioxidant present within our skin, macadamia oil makes this formulation supremely skin-compatible.

Chamomile flower extracts

Soothing, relaxing, and calming. Now you know what Angel Eyes is all about.

Mango seed oil

Bet you never thought about oil when you saw mangoes. Some of us did, and decided to include this really exquisite source of essential fatty acids and vitamins in our kohl kajal.

My Opinion on the Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol in Black :

Bored of the black colored plastic casing for black kajal ? Looking for something different in your stash? 

The Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol pencil comes in a white colored packaging. It is made of wood with the kajal inside and needs to be sharpened just like any other khol pencil and is very light weight. Sharpening leads to removal of germs from the tip and hence it is very hygienic to be used on the waterline.

Tired of wiping tears that emanate soon after you apply kajal ?

The Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol Pencil has 100 % natural ingredients which will not hurt your eyes and will keep them nourished throughout the day due to presence of Jojoba Oil and Macademia Oil.

Black khol in India without chemicals
100 %  natural kajal in India


The Plum Goodness Angel eyes khol is not as creamy as other pencil liners that I have tried and it needs quite an effort to apply it uniformly on the waterline.The pigmentation is very good and it gives a jet black color and a matte finish once it sets. 

The khol pencil delivers a good black color in multiple swipes and it does not smudge for about 5 to 6 hours after which it slowly starts to smudge. It did not disappear totally from my eyes since my eyes did not water due to any irritation from the kajal. When used as a liner on the eyelid, it hardly stays for 2 to 3 hours and it gets completely wiped off by the end of 3 hours.

Removal : It can be easily removed using either coconut oil/olive oil or any good makeup remover and no residue will be left back.

Plum Goodness products in india
Plum Goodness Kajal in India

Price : INR 425

Pros of Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol :

1 : Does not cause any irritation to the eyes when used on the lower waterline

2 : Made of natural ingredients and contains soothing oils

3 : Stays intact for about 5 to 6 hours

4 : Easy removal

Cons of Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol :

1 : The formula is not creamy and needs to be applied with some effort.

100 %natural kajal in India
100 %natural kajal in India

Swatches and EOTD of Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol:

Plum Goodness kajal in India
Plum Goodness kajal in India

swatches of Plum Goodness true black khol
Swatches of Plum Goodness true black khol

swatches of plum goodness kajal
Me wearing Plum Goodness Angel Eyes Khol on my lower waterline

Will I repurchase  ? Yes I will for sure. Hope they manufacture in more colors soon.

*PR sample, opinion expressed in honest.
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