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An average day starts with fresh aroma of coffee, agarbathis and flowers in my life. These are the All Good Scents that I get to sniff in the mornings. Coming to the topic, this is the very first time you are going to read a review of a perfume on the blog, though I have lots n lots of perfumes with me.Everything needs a beginning and I will be doing more perfume reviews from now on. I was sent this beautiful perfume for review by All Good Scents which is a company that has ventured into Indian market providing a wide range of perfumes at very affordable prices.

all good scents evoke review
All Good Scents Evoke review

Some information about All Good Scents :

All Good Scents - a new, stylish and contemporary perfume brand launched in India. The fragrances are created and made in France. We have in all 14 premium quality fragrances for Him & Her at pocket friendly prices.

An extraordinary combination of a successful story and a human dimension; they have produced 1500 tons of fragrances & flavors till date. With all their combined Savoir-faire, All Good Scents aims to bring to India contemporary, modern and premium fragrances manufactured in France and that too at inviting prices

Rajiv Sheth is the creative director behind All Good Scents (A venture of Just Scents Pvt. Ltd). You can read more about him here.

Notes :

1 : Not tested on Animals.
2 : Does not use animal based products
3 : Made in France

About Evoke :

Envelope yourself with the subtle yet mesmerizing fragrance of this ‘Evoke’ EDP for women from All Good Scents and feel aromatic all day long. This perfume is an ideal pick for evening occasions and will certainly leave a passionate fragrance behind wherever you go. The top notes of this perfume are blackcurrant, green notes and bergamot, heart notes include jasmine, lily of the valley and white flowers, while the base notes are vanilla, sandalwood and tonka beans.  

How to Use

1. Spray the perfume on your pulse points, namely, the inner wrists, base of the throat near the collar bone, behind ear lobes, inner elbows, cleavage, and behind the knees immediately after bathing.
2. The above mentioned pulse points emit body heat, which allows the perfume to diffuse from the body, hence, allowing it to leave behind a trail of scintillating fragrance.

Tips & Tricks

1. Dab on unscented moisturizer before spraying on the perfume as the perfume stays on longer when the skin is hydrated.
2. Avoid rubbing the wrists together post application, as it diminishes the effect of the perfume.
3. We swear by applying petroleum jelly before spraying on the perfume as the perfume droplets cling to the petroleum jelly rather than sinking into your skin pores which helps in maximizing the aroma.
4. Further maximize the effect by misting the hair with the fragrance so as to leave a gentle scent in your wake.

Buy Evoke here from All Good Scents, the product would be dispatched in 48 hours.

They have free shipping and also give a MINISPRAY when promo code 'MINISPRAY 'is used.

Lets get onto my review of All Good Scents perfume Evoke :

Packaging and Delivery of All Good Scents Perfume :

The perfume came in a carton, bubble wrapped along with some thermocol pieces,and eventually enclosed in a cardboard box which was sealed well. I would not call it a fool proof packaging,  though mine came intact without any breakage. I just wish they had the perfume box tightly secured inside thermocol sheets or something so that it does not move inside the main cardboard box.

The perfume carton is a cream colored one with all the details printed on it such as the ingredients and the different notes in the perfume , etc. The perfume bottle is so feminine & cute to look at with a solid lid that sits perfectly tight when closed.The bottle is designed in such a way that it can be easily carried in your handbag or your pouch and needs very little space. I used to love The Versace Bright Crystal perfume before,  but carrying it around during my travel used to be so difficult. On the contrary, the All Good Scents Evoke is so handy & travel friendly.

All good scents fab bag
All good scents Packaging

All Good Scents India perfume
All Good Scents India perfume  brochure

All Good Scents India perfume for women & men
All Good Scents India perfume for women & men

All Good Scents India perfume for women EVOKE
All Good Scents India perfume for women EVOKE

All Good Scents India perfume for women EVOKE notes
All Good Scents India perfume for women EVOKE Description

The Different notes in All Good Scents Evoke :

I tested this perfume both by using it on my pulse points as mentioned in the usage instructions as well as on my clothes. I just spray once in each pulse point and the bottle would last for a long time.

All Good Scents Evoke is an extremely elegant & feminine scent that just freshens you up instantly. The initial whiff is quite strong but after about few minutes it settles into a very soft & natural floral fragrance and is a right mix of Jasmine & Lily. 

People did notice that I am wearing a new perfume & many of them appreciated the fragrance & did ask me about the brand. Sporting the All Good Scents did give me a lot of confidence since I knew it was pleasing unlike some perfumes which gives a mild headache to others. 

Affordable perfume for women in India
Affordable perfume for women in India from All Good Scents

Price of All Good Scents Evoke Perfume : INR 1200 for 50 ml , the quality is just so good for the price.

long lasting perfume for women
Long lasting perfume for women from All Good Scents

Staying Power of All Good Scents Perfume Evoke :

The staying power of the All Good Scents Evoke perfume when :

1 :  Used on pulse points : The fragrance kept emanating at intervals when used on my pulse points and it gave me a lot of confidence since it was so pleasing. The heart notes lasted for about 8 to 9 hours on me when used on the pulse points which is too good for the price.

2 :  Used on Clothes : The initial one hour , the fragrance was quite good after which I could get only the base notes and the smell was not spreading much and it just stayed on the clothes for about 6 hours.

free shipping for All good scents purchase
Perfume by All Good Scents

cheap long lasting perfume online in India
Affordable perfume - All good scents Evoke

Buy from Jabong here for INR 840.

Jabong perfumes for women
All Good Scents Eau De Parfum Evoke

Pros of All Good Scents Perfume Evoke :

1 : Extremely feminine fragrance which will be loved by all

2 : Affordable and the 50 ml would last for a while.(Online offers are there)

3 : The staying power is about 8-9 hours when used on pulse points.

4 : Extremely compact packaging and travel friendly.

5 : Free shipping if you shop from All good Scents website.

6 : Extra MINISPRAY and dispatch within 48 hours.

7 : 14 total perfumes available both for men & women.

8 : Comes with a brochure.

9 : Their website is so easy to use & has all details of how to use a perfume.(I am so impressed).

Cons of All Good Scents Eau De Parfum Evoke :

1 : Delivery packaging could be improved.

French perfume in India
French made fragrance

perfume gifts for women India
All good scents - perfume gifts for women India

perfumes online for women & men
Perfumes online for women & men, India

Recommendation : I recommend this perfume for those of you who want some change from Armani's & Burberry's and those of you who are looking at some budget beauties!!
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