Zuush Nail Polish Remover Review

Applying nail polish can be so interesting, but removing them can be a night mare especially with glittery or graffiti nail coats.I usually use my Lakme nail polish remover in a cotton pad and keep rubbing my nails till the nail coat gets completely removed.I recently spotted this nail remover in a Health & Glow outlet & immediately picked it up to try it out.

I bought the Zuush nail polish remover pads that are ready to use and are so travel friendly. 

Acetone free nail polish remover wipes
acetone free nail polish removal wipes

What the brand claims?

Zuush Nail Polish Remover wipes 30s x 1 (30) Price: Rs. 95

No more messy fingers and dry nails, Its work on the toughest nail polish with ease, Our Acetone free formulation prevents your nail from drying while the presence of Aloe Vera helps in nourishing your nails. Easy to use and carry.

Zuush easy nail polish remover wipes
Easy removal of nail polish

Review of Zuush Nail Polish remover :

The Zuush Nail polish remover comes in a small plastic circular tub which contains 30 cotton pads soaked in the nail polish remover. You just need to pick up a remover pad and rub it on your nail till you remove the nail color. It is a pretty straightforward process and saves a lot of time. The brand claims the remover to be acetone free but this one has a pungent smell that is quite bad.The formula seems to be oil based and it gives a sticky feel to the nails and the surrounding area. The nail colors that get removed tend to stick on to the clean fingers and it can be a little messy at times.

Zuush easy nail polish remover
Zuush easy nail polish remover

How effective is the Zuush Remover ?

The remover is however very very effective in removing even tough nail colors that refuse to come with our traditional removal methods. I need one remover pad for one hand which is quite good and it removes it completely. I take it with me whenever I travel because it makes it very simple when I have to change to a different color.

zuush nail polish remover buy online
zuush nail polish remover 

Price : INR 95

zuush nail polish remover cotton pads
Zuush nail polish removal pads

Pros of Zuush Nail paint remover :

1 : Easy to use.

2 : Travel friendly and compact design

3 : Removes even the toughest of nail coat

4 : Quite affordable

Buy Here online 

easy removal of nail polish
Zuush Nail Polish remover

Cons of Zuush Nail paint remover :

1 : Strong smell

2 : The leftovers from the cotton pad might stick on to your clean fingers.

Overall Recommendation : I would recommend this to people who need to travel & those looking for simple easy nail polish removal.
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